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A man and his Dream: Part II

We continue our look with Donterrious Porter as we check in with him as he prepares for the regional NFL combine at the Chicago Bears training facility on March 10th.

FN: Hey, Donterrious, tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

Porter: Id say I’m a fun caring person who has the drive to do anything I set my heart and mind to. I have always be told I’m not good enough for football so I worked harder than every one on my team to not only earn the privilege to start both sides of the ball, but toalsoearn my team’s respect. I had more doubters saying is maybe you would play varsity but wouldn’t start. Once again I told them I’d start and my junior year I did. I had 10 solo tackles my first varsity game.

I always put others before myself because I know God has blessed me . That’s how I try to live my life. I’m also a role model for my nephew and for the kids I coach at my old high school Waterloo west high schoolinWaterloo,Iowa.My goal is to give back to my old school, but more importantly to the young men growing up and tryingto be successful in life. I try to help them build character so they can make the right chocies in life. I want to help them to be role models for the guys to come. FN: What do you like to do outside of football and coaching?Porter: I like to hanout with friends and watch a lot of movies also.FN: So you are preparing for the regional combine in a little over a week. Tell us what you have been doing to get ready for it?

Porter: Ive been working on getting faster, stronger, more flexible, and trying to watch as much film as I can to get better in different coverages. I also do exercises that help my hips/back pedal, and I’m improving my DB’s skills through different drills and by watching a lot of game film.

I also try to make my workouts really hard because I want to be the best. I train this hard because when I get my chance I want to be ready and show people I wont let my dreams die easy. For the last week, I have been able to work out with the University of Northern Iowa football guys who are working out for thier Pro day. So I’d like to thank the staff for helping me to get ready for my Pro day.

I have also been able to talk to Bill’s guard Chad Rehinhart. I tried to get insight from him and any advice he could offer.

FN: You mentioned coaching at your old high school. Tell us a bit more on that.

Porter: I worked mostly with the running backs and DB’s. Like I said, it was a chance to give back to my old school.

FN: The road to the NFL is hard, and a lot of people do not make it. Have you thought about what you might do if it does not happen?

Porter: I have contacts with the CFL and I have been talking with them since last year. I wanted to attend their tryouts but I told them I had to graduate. So I wasn’t able to attend any of their tryouts because I had so much work to do for graduation. So I would play in the CFL, that is still an option for me.

FN: Thanks Donterrious for taking the time to talk to us. We look forward to reading your accounts of your upcoming Pro days.

Porter: Thanks again for all your help. It means a lot and thank you staff for me again also.

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One Response to A man and his Dream: Part II

  • Porter deserves to be in the NFL and can’t wait. He has been a great mentor and role model. His character and attitude combined with his athletic ability is what makes him unique. I’ll be rooting for you Donterrious.

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