• Tanny and Fins BEAT down the Texans Tanny and Fins BEAT down the Texans QB Tannehill sets an NFL completion record at 25 in a row as the Fins whip the Texans 44-26
  • Dan Campbell replaces Philbin Dan Campbell replaces Philbin TE coach Dan Campbell is named interim head coach after Joe Philbin is let go
  • Fins lose preseason game to Panthers 31-30 Fins lose preseason game to Panthers 31-30 However, the Dolphin starters were dominate and took a 14-0 lead before they were pulled
  • S Delmas lost for season S Delmas lost for season Louis Delmas tore is ACL in practice with the Panthers


The Answer is Clear, Clean House Now

I’m okay with reruns of a favorite TV series.


I’m not so fond of the word when it pertains to my Miami Dolphins.

Stephen Ross’ hesitation to pull the trigger on major changes is deja vu all over again. Specifically, the end of the 2003 season. Then, as now, we heard that the owner “likes both these guys” and doesn’t want to fire either the coach or the GM. However, “some” change is needed, and therefore we can expect an assistant coach or two to be thrown under the bus and perhaps some kind of front office restructuring with much of the same cast.

Guess what, Mr. Ross: it was the wrong move then and it’s the wrong move now. Just replacing Jeff Ireland and giving a new GM the news that he will have to work with Joe Philbin is the same damn thing Wayne Huizenga did after 2003. Or, rather, was the caveat he gave every candidate he interviewed. It’s why Ted Thompson and Jerry Reese (who have since stocked three Super Bowl winners between them) ended up elsewhere and Huizenga endedupstandingpat with Rick Spielman and Wannstedt. We all know how that turned out.

If you want the best possible GM, you’re going to have to give him autonomy to hire a coach.

2013 may not entirely be Joe Philbin’s fault, but that’s just the way that successful teams in this league do things. It isn’t as if Philbin is irreplaceable. In fact, it’s entirely possible he’s the worst head coach in this division, since Belicheck has the rings, Rex Ryan has been to two conference championships, and the only other coach in the division is 2-0 heads up against Philbin while starting his third string quarterback both times. When Buffalo and the Jets are outscoring you 39-7 with something significant on the line, your coach should be far from safe.

There’s also the indication in the press conference today that Philbin apparently considers Mike Sherman irreplaceable. If so, it’s time for both of them to go.

Wayne Huizenga kept whiffing on this decision by being too nice a guy to completely clean house. The result was the Miami Dolphins of 2004-2007, who kept getting pennies on the dollar in trades and kept the talent bleeding all the way to 1-15. While it isn’t likely that we will reach those depths in the near future with Tannehill here, it isn’t impossible that one more O-line built by Jeff Ireland could have us quarterbacked by this decade’s version of Cleo Lemon for most of a season.

The ball is in your court, Mr. Ross, but you’ll have to be willing to gamble on the unknown. Something that hasn’t happened since the Robbie Era, and something that will be required to ever return to that level of success.

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Hal Horn
I've been a Dolphins fan since 1976 when I was 8 years old and just beginning to follow the NFL. My favorite player was Bob Griese, with Tony Nathan and A. J. Duhe not far behind. When not following the 'Fins (in the NFL) or FAU (in college) I'm writing about films and TV at my blog, The Horn Section ( http://hornsection.blogspot.com/ ), and trying my hand in the poker tournament world a few times per year...
Hal Horn

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4 Responses to The Answer is Clear, Clean House Now

  • Mr Ross, if you do not clean house; you only have yourself to blame for the mess that willl follow!

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  • At one time, I did not think that the loss to Buffalo could be topped; but when we lost to the Jets it literally made the dolphins nation SICK! I don’t know if they will ever recover from this humiliating loss. The dolphin nation is not going to believe any more promises if Ross stays with the present regimen. So, Mr Ross, if you you read this posting, I can save you an additional year of humiliation and recommend that you clean house. There is no FREAKING way that a credible coaching staff would allow their team to loose their LAST two games, when the playoffs is on the line! Especially, when they have the personnel to defeat any team in the league. (CLEAN HOUSE!) Hire Dennis Green or Lovie Smith. There are a few other coaches who want to win and will not keep trying to win with a QB who has proven time after time that he is a backup at best and who had not out performed the second and third stringer QBs; and who, by the way, are better QBs than the starter. Ross, they have caused you millions. Fire them all. All they had to do is start Matt Moore or Pat Devlin and we would not only have made the playoffs, but we would have won our division!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • I also feel that Ross will not pull the trigger on Philbin and Ireland. Perhaps the Martin – Incognito report may force his hand. The Dolphins showed no heart in the last two games and the entire coaching staff needs to be held accountable for that. Let us hope Ross has the guts to make the right choice and clean house now and not wait any longer.

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  • Excellent article, Hal. Evidently, you feel just the way I do. And I suspect you have the same sinking feeling that Stephen Ross won’t do the right thing, just as Wayne Huizenga did at the end of the 2003 season.

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