BLITZFIN DEFENSE Jeff Ireland just said to Tom Brady “Come at me Bro!”.   PLAYER POS HEIGHT WEIGHT ARMS 40Y Dion Jordan DE/OLB 6-06 248 33 7/8 4.60   Quote from Feb 07, 2013 “Cam is an amazing player and had a great season, but in my opinion all pressure is not equal. It is […]

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Jeff Ireland just said to Tom Brady “Come at me Bro!”.


Dion Jordan DE/OLB 6-06 248 33 7/8 4.60


Quote from Feb 07, 2013 “Cam is an amazing player and had a great season, but in my opinion all pressure is not equal. It is critical that Cam starts to get results from the weak side. But if Miami intends to use the alignment as they did in 2012, where Cam remains on the strong-side, finding a RE with the combination size, length and explosiveness is critical to the success of our overall scheme.” …. “A RE that can handle the role successfully to play in isolation like JPP or Julius Peppers is the most coveted of DEs league wide.”…. “We need pressure from the weak side, it is critical in my view to help create turnovers.” Max Lukas (2012 Miami’s Defensive Alignment)

Jeff Ireland certainly made a move that I absolutely love, but honestly I did not think it was possible. I had Pete Carroll’s prodigy Gus Bradley taking the speed and length of Jordan at #2 with the Jaguars. But theJagspassedon Jordan in favor of LT Luke Joeckle, Jeff Ireland swiftly traded up and landed the best DE in the draft.
Jordan is an athlete with excellent length and speed, who has the frame to add about 20 lbs over the next two years and be a dominant force at RE. Adding a player such as Dion Jordan was long overdue, finally Cam Wake isn’t our only edge rusher capable of getting to the Quarterback. Great move Ireland! I remember when Jared Allen came into the league he was in the 240-250 lbs range, Allen gradually bulked up over his first two seasons and has been a constant menace to opposing QBs from the RE position with his size, speed and length combo. This is the type of impact and progression I expect from Dion Jordan.

I will encourage you to take a look at the forum discussion from three months ago (2012 Miami’s Defensive Alignment) that dealt with the issue of Miami’s lack of blind-side pressure to understand why DE Dion Jordan was such an important addition.

In today’s modern game you have to attack the offense at the point of origin “the Quarterback” from multiple angles, sitting back hoping your secondary can cover Spread Sets, Singleback Sets with Twin TEs and Motion Slots without consistent pressure up front is a losing philosophy.

DE Dion Jordan gives the Miami Dolphins another dimension in the pass rush and will force Quarterbacks to be mindful of both strong-side and weak-side pressure, a factor that was non-existent with DT Jared Odrick playing RE in 2012. Increased blind-side pressure should speed up an opposing Quarterbacks internal clock and in theory cause them to make more errors, which results in more turnovers. This was great move by Ireland.

Jared Odrick now shifts inside to his natural position and he will be the starter in our Nickel and Sub formations along with Randy Starks, while NT Paul Soliai will be our starter in base defense and short yardage situations. Odrick is signed till the end of 2014 which is marvelous, he should be looked at as the incumbent to our franchised tagged 3-tech DT Randy Starks if an extension is not agreed upon.

Our front four rotation is among the most versatile and scheme flexible in the league with the addition of Dion Jordan who can play up on LOS or drop back into space with equal comfort. As much as the Miami Dolphins play in Nickle and Sub packages, there should be enough playing time for everyone to contribute.

Dion’s versatility in both rushing the passer and playing in space will be a big asset on short passing downs, his presence will keep opposing Quarterbacks guessing about our weak-side coverage, especially when we dial up some zone blitz’s where the linebackers are coming and Jordan is dropping into the shallow area. But all those attributes are added benefits… Dion is here to rush the passer first and foremost, he will do that exceeding well!


Click here to read why this move was important (2012 Miami’s Defensive Alignment)

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