• Mike Tannenbaum hired... Mike Tannenbaum hired... ...as Dolphins' executive VP of football operations
  • Philbin retained Philbin retained Coach Philbin was given a contract extension
  • Fins season ends on low note Fins season ends on low note Jets down the Fins to end their season 8-8
  • CB Will Davis out for season CB Will Davis out for season Miami placed CB Will Davis on the IR, ending his season


Breakdown of (sort of) final cuts

There were DEFINITELY some surprises when the Dolphins cutdown to 53 was announced tonight. I have decided to break the cuts into three categories: (1) No surprise and not notable, (2) Small surprise/may see again, and (3) Surprise!!!

(1) No surprise/not notable

G Chris Barker
C Sam Brenner
S Keelan Johnson
QB Aaron Corp
LB Antwan Applewhite
CB Julian Posey
CB De’Andre Presley

Barker, Brenner, Johnson and Corp were widely considered ‘training camp bodies’. Released the same way they arrived in Miami…with little farfare.

Applewhite HAD to know he was brought in for depth until Dion Jordan was ready.

Posey and Presley were not simply ‘bodies’ but I highly doubt they came close to making the roster. They MAY end up on some team’s practice squad but it’s equally likely they will never be heard from again.

(2) Small surprise/may see again

RB Jonas Gray
T Andrew McDonald
T Jeff Adams
TE Kyle Miller
DE Tristin Okpalaugo
DT Tracey Robertson
LB Lee Robinson
LB Austin Spitler
S Jordan Kovacs

I thought there was a chance that Gray might make the team (even predicted that he SHOULD make it on Finside Radio) but Gray was the odd man out. Miller is the starter, Philbin sees something in Thomas that us fans just can’t fathom and Gillislee was safe due to his draft status. I am sure Gray’s 4th quarter fumble didn’t help his case.McDonald and Adams were not really a surprise to be cut but I included them in this category because one, or both, could be brought back to develop on the practice squad.Miller was cut simply because he had the least amount of upside among the Dolphins TEs. He outplayed Egnew but when Keller went down everybody knew that Egnew got his reprieve.

Okpalaugo, Robinson and Kovacs all showed flashes of what they can become but they just aren’t thee yet. It would surprise nobody if any of these three are brought back to the PS.

Of the players in this second category, Spitler might be the biggest surprise. He is very good on special teams and is one of the only players that has experience playing MLB in the NFL. That being said, his 1.3M salary made him a luxury that I guess Miami didn’t feel they needed.

(3) SURPRISE!!!!

WR Chad Bumphis
WR Keenan Davis
WR Marvin McNutt
WR Bryan Tyms

The surprise isn’t really that any of these guys were cut but that ALL of these guys got cut! All four had their moments and McNutt is the most surprising of the four, in my opinion, but you could have made a case for any of these four to make it. If you don’t count Marcus Thigpen, Miami is currently carrying FOUR WRs on the roster. I HAVE to assume that a waiver claim will be put in for at least one WR in the next 24 hours.

DT Kheeston Randall
DT A.J. Francis

With Soliai and Starks being the only TRUE DTs on the roster, and both being free agents at the end of this year, it SHOCKED me that Randall was cut! He was productive in the limited chances he received last year and didn’t look like he fell off at all in the preseason.

Francis is possibly the player that has been most debated on this site, and among Dolphins fans in general. He has looked VERY GOOD this preseason and he will probably be claimed by another team Sunday. If Francis IS claimed, then I believe that it will be a decision that could/will come back to haunt Miami in the next 2-3 years.

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  • While I may have placed a player or two in different categories, I think you are pretty much on target. For me, I didn’t project Spitler to the final 53 for salary v production reasons. On the other hand I expected Devlin to be on this list somewhere. It looks like he’s most likely going to make it afterall. Good write up. 5 Stars.

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