• Knowshon Moreno to Fins Knowshon Moreno to Fins RB reportedly signs a one year deal with Miami.
  • Fins sign CB Finnegan Fins sign CB Finnegan Dolphins ink him to a 2 year, $11 million contract
  • DT Randy Starks stays with Fins DT Randy Starks stays with Fins Reportedly signs a 2 year deal worth about $12 million
  • OT Albert to Fins done OT Albert to Fins done Reportedly a 5 year, $46 million contract.


Brian Catanzaro’s Top 10 Fins Board Part II

Click here in case you missed my 6-10 list from yesterday: Part I

**3 RULES**

–Eliminate these 7 players from discussion who have little-to-no chance of being available at #12: QB Geno Smith, OT Luke Joeckel, OT Eric Fisher, DT Sharrif Floyd, DT Star Lotulelei, CB Dee Milliner

–Criticism is welcomed as long as it doesn’t begin with “We don’t need a ….” comment. I subscribe to the Giants/Ravens/Packers/Patriots draft philosophy of taking the best available player while using need as a tie-breaker. There is no reason to read on if you’re uncomfortable with that.

–This is MY board for the #12 pick, not Jeff Ireland’s.

5) WR Cordarrelle Patterson, Tennessee* (6-3, 207)
Closest NFL Comparison: Combination of Julio Jones (Falcons) and Torrey Smith (Ravens)
My #1 draft rule is this: always choose the freakish athlete over the need position. Patterson would either serve as a key wrinkle in the Dolphins’ WR unit special over the next 2 years, or replace Wallace/Hartline if one is cut before the 2015 season. Patterson combines 4.4/40 speed with playmaking instincts on a 6’3 – 207 pound frame. The Dolphins have contractual decisions to make with with Mike Wallace and Brian Hartline after the 2014 season, and Patterson should be hitting his peak 2015 if developed correctly.

4) DE Bjoern Werner, Florida St (6-3, 266)
Closest NFL Comparison: Chris Long, Rams
Werner’s measurables (6’3, 266 pounds with 4.8/40 speed) imply that he’s just another lunchpail player. Put on the tape, and you’ll see X-Factor written all over him. He is a tenacious player with great awareness and violent hands, which could make him an immediate 8-10 sack guy opposite Cameron Wake.

lanej 150x150 Brian Catanzaro’s Top 10 Fins Board Part II

Oklahoma LT Lane Johnson

3) OT Lane Johnson, Oklahoma (6-7, 310)
Closest NFL Comparison: Mike Roos (Titans)
LT is universally agreed on as “KEY” for every team, regardless of scheme. Martin has the skillset to play LT, but a safety net is needed in case he is a better option at RT in the long-term. Don’t want another lineman in Round 1? Fine. But here’s food for thought: 21 of 32 LT’s in the NFL fall under 2 categories: 1) Will earn $6.3+-mil per year in ’13 and/or ’14. 2) Top-25 picks still in rookie contracts. Although Jonathan Martin has the skill-set to solidify the LT position, a safety net is needed if a player of this caliber falls to #12. Lane Johnson is quite a story. He was a QB at Kilgore College in 2009 before transferring to OU, where he ascended from DE/TE in 2010, to RT in 2011, to LT in 2012 for the #15 ranked Sooners. The only projected 1st rounders Johnson faced in 2012 were Alex Okafor and Damontre Moore, who only recorded 4 tackles and 0 sacks in those games. He is a legitimate Top-7 pick in this draft that would present significant value at #12.

2) WR Tavon Austin, West Virginia* (5-9, 173)
Closest NFL Comparison: Percy Harvin (Seahawks)
He’s rare. And I dare you to look me in the eye in 2 years and tell me that he “didn’t fill a need” if the Dolphins pass on him. Austin cemented himself as the most explosive skill position player in the draft with a 4.34/40 time following a SR season that yielded 114 catches, 1932 rushing/receiving yards, 16 TD’s. The reincarnation of how foolish teams were to pass on Percy Harvin, DeSean Jackson, and Randall Cobb because of their size.

eifert e1365037575295 117x150 Brian Catanzaro’s Top 10 Fins Board Part II

Notre Dame TE Tyler Eifert

1) TE Tyler Eifert, Notre Dame* (6-6, 250)
Closest NFL Comparison: Greg Olsen (Panthers)
GM Jeff Ireland saw the impact TE Jason Witten made on a young Tony Romo as a National Scout in Dallas. Someone please explain this to me: why is Tyler Eifert good enough to be a #15-20 pick, but not the #12 pick? Eifert would add a physical seam threat dimension to an offense playing small-ball in the redzone with RB Lamar Miller, WR Mike Wallace, WR Brian Hartline, and TE Dustin Keller. He’ll be a full 3 inches taller than any WR or TE who lines up in the redzone. Keller was a nice one-year pickup, but he’s not a long-term fixture at 29 years old. A base formation featuring Eifert at TE with Wallace and Hartline split out at WR will give Ryan Tannehill the size and speed he is looking for in his skill positions.


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