• WR Wallace traded to the Vikings WR Wallace traded to the Vikings Fins send Wallace and a 7th round pick to Viks for a 5th rounder
  • TE Jordon Cameron signed TE Jordon Cameron signed Reported a 2 year, $15 million deal
  • Suh Signs! Suh Signs! Ndamukong Suh receives nearly $60 Million signing bonus with $114+ Million total over 6 years
  • WR Hartline cut after 6 seasons WR Hartline cut after 6 seasons WR Gibson was also released


Max Lukas

Miami Dolphins – Signed UDFA WR Terrell Sinkfield


WR Terrell Sinkfield of the University of Northern Iowa first made sporting headlines when it was reported that he ran 4.19s in the 40 yard dash at his pro day in early March. I was always doubtful that this was an accurate hand time and at a follow up pro day, which was attended by a higher caliber of NFL scouts, Terrell was clocked twice in the low 4.3s, with an official best of 4.33s.

Sinkfield definitely has elite level speed, and although his times are not 4.19s as first reported, it is still fast enough to comfortably put him in the Tavon Austin and Marquise Goodwin speed bracket. Along with his straight-line speed, Sinkfield also has outstanding leaping ability, with a vertical of 42.5 inches. Those measurables give him a tremendous catching radius.

However, it remains a concern that Sinkfield went undrafted after receiving national notoriety, you would assume that with all the attention he received, if there was enough raw talent a team would have selected him in the later rounds of the draft, rather than take the risk ofbeingoutbid Continue reading

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2013 Miami Dolphins – Projected Starters and Camp Battles

New Look 2013 Miami Dolphins


I am hoping that we are going to see a hybrid defensive scheme in 2013, with multiple looks and personnel combinations. The Dolphins have in my opinion one of the most versatile defensive front 7’s in football. This 2013 defensive roster that Jeff Ireland has assembled can switch between 4-3, 3-4, and nickel variations without a hitch. I expect to see an aggressive blitz heavy defense that gets after the Quarterback.

Our defense will be able to cause confusion at the LOS with Linebackers bringing heat and athletic DEs dropping into a shallow zone on occasion. Opposing Quarterbacks should have issues trusting their pre-snap reads and difficultly locating where the soft spots are in the underneath zone. I am glad to see Chris Clemons and Reshad Jones back protecting the deep middle, they should grow even more in the second year under Kevin Coyle.

Rookie Dion Jordan may split time with Jared Odrick at RE on obvious running situations, as he still needs to bulk up from 248lbs to reduce the liability versus the ground game. Iamstillabit Continue reading

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NFL DRAFT DAY 2 – Roller Coaster


WOW – NICE – WTF – OK… That pretty much sums up the progression of my feelings about the draft thus far and our 4 picks. I am not going to discuss the trades we made in detail on day 2 because I really don’t care at the moment. I Have no idea why we did not trade up into the second round for Armstead! Right now I am fighting the urge to toss this laptop into the lake after that disappointing round 3.

I thought the Will Davis pick was a bit of a reach but not atrocious, I don’t know why the Dolphins traded up to get him after trading down, I was surprised to see him go before B.W. Webb among others. But Davis is a quick footed corner with great short area acceleration that can play at the nickle.

The pick that is most troubling to me is the Dallas Thomas selection at #77, I should really sleep on this selection before writing this article in an angry mood, but whatthehell Continue reading

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AFC EAST – Quick Division Draft Analysis


#3 Miami Dolphins – What can I say, Jeff Ireland has thrown off the chains of Bill Parcells and proclaimed that he is a man to be reckoned with. I love the pick of Dion Jordan whom I honestly thought would be an expensive acquisition and thus unattainable. But moving up by just giving up the 42nd pick was a steal. And in this strange scenario both teams seemed to be winners, since Oakland still got their guy at 12. To read more about why Dion Jordan is important click here (Blitzfin Defense).


#16 Buffalo Bills – They moved down from #8 to #16 and picked up 3 extra draft picks from St. Louis (#48, #80, and #224). The Bills now have a total of 4 picks in rounds 2 and 3 tonight with #42, #48, #73 and #80. Honestly I would be very pleased if I were a Bills fan, EJ Manuel got my attention after seeing him perform at an extremely high level all week down in Alabama at the Senior Bowl, I felt as though he was aguythat Continue reading

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