• Fins cut Grimes Fins cut Grimes The Fins release CB Brent Grimes, freeing $6.5 million in cap space
  • Mario Williams signed Mario Williams signed DE Mario Williams signs a 2 years deal with the Fins
  • Fins trade for CB Maxwell Fins trade for CB Maxwell Fins swap 1st round picks with the Eagles for CB Maxwell and LB Alonso
  • Adam Gase hired Adam Gase hired Coach Gase was hired as head coach of the Dolphins


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Things Were Better In The NFL

NFL logoChange is not always good. When I began to really watch the Dolphins back in ’71 there were the haves and the have not’s just like today. The good teams had a chance with sound personnel moves to remain good. Of course injuries were more frequent, but more players played hurt.

As older teams retired people, and players regressed naturally, you had a 12 round draft to try and replace them. There was no salary cap, yet most players were loyal to their teams, Except for a short time when WFL came along in ’74. That was certainly understandable as the contracts offered were for crazy money in that day. Still, for the most part star players did not move teams until they were up in age and regressing.

Teams that competed year after year were the Dolphins, Raiders, Steelers, Colts, Chiefs, Redskins, Cowboys, Rams, and Vikings. I am sure I am forgetting a few. There would be some ups and downs, but these teams were mostly up and you could bank on it. Most were veteran teams, and the quality of the game was in my opinion far better then the quality we see today. The games today are poorly officiated even with reply. The rules are not clear. What exactly IS a catch? The answer does not always coincide with what your eyes tell you. The same with pass interference as this is the most uneven call in the game from crew to crew, game to game, and play to play. The play that happened with Suh was an embarrassment to the league. Someone please tell me how the whistle didn’t blow?

It might sound like sour grapes, but consistency is not too much to ask regardless of the infraction involved. We breathe on a QB and we seem to get flagged. To quote the great Don Shula, “It’s horseshit.”

To compete today in the era of parity you have to be a magician. Every card has to be an Ace. Teams like the Patriots skirt the rules, or at the very least push the envelope and get away with it. It’s sickening. Integrity, and doing it the right way should matter more then it does to some. They’re a great organization. They shouldn’t need to dirty the game with their antics.

What bothers me most about today’s game is free agency. It has literally ruined the game for me. Think about how you’d feel if Jason Taylor left in year 4 because Miami couldn’t afford to re-sign him. Think how the Lion fans feel about losing Suh. The other thing it does, and I never hear anyone mention it is it gives the leverage to the players rather then the coach.

Most players know all they need to do is give a half assed effort and bide their time and they’ll be able to choose from the interested teams. There’s always interested teams if you have any skill at all. So coaches have to be softer and less demanding. Hell, the CBA restricts padded practices to 14 during the season. Is it a wonder why we’re seeing some of the worst line play ever across the league? It’s literally forced the Pro game to replicate College offenses. Sad.

Because of our emotional investment we keep watching. We keep buying merchandise; we keep shelling out big money for the Sunday Ticket. Why? Because we’re addicted and the NFL knows it. They know they hold the power over our hearts and are free to do with them whatever they like.

I hope to see Miami rise again, but no matter how good they become they’ll never capture my heart the way the teams of the 70’s and 80’s did and only the NFL is to blame.

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19 players in the draft I would like to see in a Dolphins uniform….

Before I list the players, and others add their favorites to the list, here are a few “conditions/caveats” I considered when parring down the list:

(1) Does the player have a reasonable chance to be there when Miami picks? (ex. No Winston, Leonard Williams, Fowler, etc)

(2) Would Miami choose the player OR would selecting him make Philbin “queasy”? (No DGB, Marcus Peters, Dawson, etc)

(3) Does he play a “position of need” for the Dolphins?

(4) Would they be an upgrade/challenge for time on the 53 man roster? (Coyle HATES playing rookies so defensive rookies definitely have to be a BPA at the time.)


Okay folks! With that said, here are the Top 18 players I would be happy to see in a Dolphins uniform by the end of the draft:
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Mock Draft 1.0

Less than 24 days till the 2015 NFL Draft and I have been asked to create my mock draft for you here. I compiled my picks based on what I have heard/read in regards to each of the 30 teams. (Seattle and Buffalo don’t have 1st round picks this year.) Several players slid much lower than they actually will go BUT I took each pick individually and it just turned out that way.

[This edition does not allow any draft day trades.]

So, without further fanfare, here is Mock Draft 1.0:

1. Tampa Bay — Jameis Winston (QB)

No surprise here! I am personally not a big fan of Winston but he is generally considered the best QB in this year’s draft and Tampa’s pick.

2. Tennessee — Leonard Williams (DE/DT)

I believe that the staff talking up Mariota is an attempt to create interest at #2. Ultimately, though, Titans take Williams and plug him into the 3-4 at DE.

3. Jacksonville — Dante Fowler Jr (OLB)

Not very original but this pick just makes too much sense here. Local kid and a pass rushing machine.

4. Oakland — Kevin White (WR)

My ‘gut’ told me to choose Vic Beasley here (even had his name and erased it) since the Raiders only had 22 sacks last year. BUT the Raiders have a young QB and NO real weapons to throw too. I believe the Davis family’s love of SPEED makes White the pick over Cooper.

5. Washington — Vic Beasley (DE/OLB)

Pretty much more ‘chalk’ through five picks. Washington likes Beasley.

6. New Jersey Jets — Bud Dupree (OLB)

I REALLY hated making this pick! While Mariota is a ‘trendy’ pick here, Bowles will continue to build the Jets defense and Dupree makes this a NASTY front seven.

7. Chicago — Danny Shelton (NT)

Here is where things got fun because I felt comfortable deviating from the ‘experts’ mock drafts. While Cooper would make sense here, Chicago needs a NT and Shelton is considered the best of the bunch.

8. Atlanta — Shane Ray (DE/OLB)

Wanted to go OL here but the way the board fell, and a need for a pass rusher, has Ray falling into the Falcons lap. I am leery of Missouri defenders but he is highly regarded.

9. New Jersey Giants — Arik Armstead (DE/DT)

Tempted to put Randy Gregory here but, like a few other teams in the Top 10, his drug history scares away the Giants. Armstead is a ‘force’ on a DLine that needs it.

10. St Louis — Amari Cooper (WR)

If Cooper didn’t fall, Brandon Scherff would have been the pick here. The OL is dreadful and Scherff would be the SMARTER pick but Cooper is the better value.

11. Minnesota — D.J. Humphries (OT)

Minnesota needs OLine help and Humphries is the best LT in the draft. Trae Waynes was also a consideration but I think Humphries is a bigger need.

12. Cleveland — Devante Parker (WR)

I would like Parker to come to Miami so it pained me to give him to Cleveland. I KNOW that Marcus Mariota is still on the board; I just don’t think Cleveland will go QB in the first round twice in a row. Also, only Oakland needs WR help MORE than Cleveland.

13. New Orleans — Brandon Scherff (OT/OG)

Again, I had a name slotted here and erased it. Randy Gregory would be a big help for New Orleans but a 36 yr old Brees needs to be kept as clean as possible so I chose the top rated OG in the draft.

14. Miami — Benardrick McKinney (ILB)

VERY tough choice! I wanted to pick Todd Gurley BAD but I think McKinney is the best combo of BPA/Need at 14.

15. San Francisco — Randy Gregory (DE/OLB)

You’re welcome SF! Gregory is BPA and it’s not even CLOSE! With the slew of retirements on D this offseason, Gregory gives a much needed boost.

16. Houston — Marcus Mariota (QB)

Mariota will not fall to 16 but, if he DID, Houston would be CRAZY not to select him.

17. San Diego — Todd Gurley (RB)

Not really out-of-the-box. The pick here MAY be Gordon (if SD is ‘gun shy’ from the Ryan Mathews days) but Gurley’s knee appears to be fine so RB is selected in the 1st round for the first time since 2012.

18. Kansas City — La’el Collins (OT)

I can find NOBODY that doesn’t think that KC’s primary need isn’t OL. Collins and Fisher will battle it out for the two tackle positions.

19. Cleveland — Malcolm Brown (DT)

Cleveland addressed WR with their first pick so they address their next biggest need here. Nobody in the NFL allowed more yards per game rushing than Cleveland so they address that issue with a big Longhorn.

20. Philadelphia — Trae Waynes (CB)

Even with the addition of Maxwell, Philly needs a corner and Waynes is considered the best in this draft.

21. Cinncinati — Andrus Peat (OT)

With Bengals needing OL help, I will trust the “experts” out there that think Cincy would choose Peat over T.J. Clemmings. Erick Flowers is also a consideration here but too much of a project to take here.

22. Pittsburgh — Landon Collins (SS)

Steelers need Polamalu’s replacement and happen to land the top/only first round Safety in the draft.

23. Detroit — Eddie Goldman (DT)

Maybe a little bit of a reach but Detroit lost both DTs this offseason and Ngata isn’t a long-term solution. Goldman is big and can help fill the void in the middle.

24. Arizona — Melvin Gordon (RB)

With Bowles moving on, I don’t know what will happen with Arizona’s D but I believe the addition of Gordon could help take pressure off Palmer as he returns from injury (and he isn’t getting any younger.)

25. Carolina — T.J. Clemmings (OT)

With only one OT remaining with a REAL first round grade, Carolina is happy that Clemmings falls to them here. Newton will appreciate this pick as well.

26. Baltimore — Jalen Collins (CB)

The ‘in vogue’ pick is to put a WR here but WR is a deep group this year and Collins would help the most.

27. Dallas — Michael Bennett (DT)

Dallas has a history of going “off the board” with their first round pick so Cowboys fans brace themselves for the selection of Bennett. Not the highest rated DT left on the board but he is just what Dallas needs on the DLine.

28. Denver — Erick Flowers (OT/OG)

Sorry Broncos fans (although not many are going to read this)! Denver needs help to protect Manning BADLY so they reach for Flowers, who sneaks into the first round based on need instead of talent. He will be a Guard at the NFL level.

29. Indianapolis — Cameron Erving (C)

This late in the first round I decided to pick with my head and not with the ‘experts’. Most mocks have Indy looking defense and I almost put Eric Kendericks here but the Colts currently have an UDFA hiking the ball to Luck and Erving would make this a much better line.

30. Green Bay — Marcus Peters (CB)

Tempted to go with Jordan Phillips here but GB could use help at DB and has the right culture/veteran leadership to put Peters in his place. On the field, Peters is an tremendously talented Corner.

31. New Orleans — Eli Harold (OLB)

While this is another place Phillips could fall, Harold is a great fit for 3-4 Saints defense.

32. New England — Jaelen Strong (WR)

The rich get richer! B&B have never been big believers in the need for a speedy WR so I eliminated Breshard Perriman and Phillip Dorsett and went with the red zone nightmare that is the 6’2″ Strong.

There it is folks! I will prepare overnight for all the critics who think I royally screwed this up… LOL

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The Early Cuts are in for the Dolphins – Marino is Back – Final Thoughts

The Dolphins have waived:

WR Armon Binns – Injuries, and competition hurt his chances to stick.

WR Ryan Spadola – Nice grab in the Dallas game, but too little, too late.

OT Cory Grissom  — Camp Body who never really impressed.

C Tyler Larsen – Not yet ready for the NFL.

DE Rakim Cox – Didn’t flash enough to stick in a position that is deep.

CB Steven Clark – Camp body.

QB Brady Quinn – I never got the impression he had a shot.

TE Brett Bracket – Great story, hope he makes the practice squad.

The Dolphins have placed on IR:

RB Mike Gillislee – A luxury as the position is now looking deeper then expected.

TE Arthur Lynch – A project for the future if he catches up technically.

DT A.J. Francis – A.J. has nine lives.

Time To Close The Preseason.

It’s almost time for the fourth pre-season game. (Thursday, 7pm) Most fans just look forward for this game to end, and the regular season to begin. For some of the younger players this is the Super Bowl. It’s their final chance to impact the coaches decisions come cut down day as they trim the roster to 53 rostered players, and 10 practice squaders. For the veterans, much like the fans they want to get their work in, and escape as quickly as possible healthy.

Pay particular attention to special teams because if a roster spot is up in the air, the better player on special teams will in most cases be awarded it.

Some tough decisions will have to be made. Will Philbin really consider keeping 6 receivers, or 5 running backs? Is Shelly Smith going to cement his place as starting guard? Will Darkwa, or Williams stick, or will both? A case can be made for either player. These are the tough decisions that face the coaching staff.

What about Kicker? Will Sturgis be ready? Will the team carry two kickers on the active roster? So many difficult decisions await, but be sure most are already determined barring a breakout performance by someone Thursday night.

Marino is back

For years the Dolphins have tried to lure the ex QB, and current Hall Of Famer back into the fold. They’ve had moderate success using Dan in an unofficial capacity, but now it is official. Dan Marino will officially be an advisor for the club. What exactly that will entail nobody has said, all we hear is speculation.

Whatever it entails, you have to feel this will be Dan’s stepping stone into bigger and better things.

Final Thoughts

I know Miami’s offense has struggled getting into the end-zone aside from the first drive of the pre-season, but I am much impressed with the overall development of the offense. The offensive line looks like they’re coming together in a fairly quick fashion. There may yet be a bump in the road on the right side, but that is to be expected. This line appears to be improved over last year’s group already, and it’s only game 3 of the pre-season. Get this, against Dallas, Miami amassed 200 yards rushing, and 10 rushing first downs. The line allowed only one sack for -1 yard. Yes, they look much improved over the struggling group that ended the season.

I suggest tempering expectations because Dallas is not currently known for their defensive prowess, but how can you not be satisfied with that effort?

The questions I have still surround the quarterback, Ryan Tannehill. While you can see improvement in the quickness he is delivering the football, he still has yet to prove he can be a legitimate force inside the red-zone. Hopefully for Tannehill, Lazor has a remedy for what ails him, and the offensive’s lack of big plays in close. That said, Tannehill had a pretty flawless preseason until his final throw, which was intercepted inside Dallas’s 10 yard line.

Knowshon Moreno was a move I was pretty much soured on initially, especially once he arrived a bit out of shape, but you’ve got to be encouraged with the way he contributed against the Cowboys. He was running with authority, picking up blitzes, and looked in mid-season form.

On defense, Miami still has questions especially at LB, but they’ve had a pretty solid preseason from a points allowed standpoint. Only six teams have surrendered less then Miami’s 50.

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Training Camp Begins!

FinNation.com is proud to offer some eye witness training camp reports from LacesOut.

  • Please excuse spelling/ gibberish. 
  • Landry is as advertised. Crafty, always seems open. Caught a very poorly thrown ball for potential td. A fast db would have caught him.
  • Whoever mentioned designed QB runs as part of this offense was right. Looked like a college practice at times. Looks like each QB had a carry.
  • If it’s this hot against NE we should run every play. Weather will be a factor in that game.
  • As you all know our punter is a STUD. Reggie Roby was the only one I ve seen that was More impressive.
  • Tannehill throwing into tight windows!
  • 89 runs like a yeti. Blocking Te only.
  • Finnegans can still run blanket coverage on beautiful deep ball be tannehill. I don’t know how much they will connect but Tannehill has definitely worked on his deep ball. He now has an arc.

Click here to get the full latest reports, and join in the discussion!


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Crash the Chargers!!
Crash the Chargers!!
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