• Tanny and Fins BEAT down the Texans Tanny and Fins BEAT down the Texans QB Tannehill sets an NFL completion record at 25 in a row as the Fins whip the Texans 44-26
  • Dan Campbell replaces Philbin Dan Campbell replaces Philbin TE coach Dan Campbell is named interim head coach after Joe Philbin is let go
  • Fins lose preseason game to Panthers 31-30 Fins lose preseason game to Panthers 31-30 However, the Dolphin starters were dominate and took a 14-0 lead before they were pulled
  • S Delmas lost for season S Delmas lost for season Louis Delmas tore is ACL in practice with the Panthers


Change needed to protect our future

Frustration is mounting

Frustration is mounting

I usually try to refrain from “knee-jerk” reactions to a Dolphins loss. I prefer to wait a day or so before posting anything, either on a message board or in an article. I give myself a chance to calm down and reflect on the game objectively. And yesterday’s loss to the Ravens is no different.

After the game, I was pissed. 6 sacks!??!? 4 in the 4th quarter?? 2 on the final drive?!?! @#!*&!

“Someone’s head should be on a platter!” I seethed.

But I decided to sleep on it. Maybe cooler heads will prevail?

Well after a night’s sleep, I still feel like Miami needs to make some big changes. QB Ryan Tannehill is on pace to be sacked a record 77 times this year, and that is UNACCECTABLE!! Miami is risking the health, both physical and mental, of their young QB.

The physical risk is obvious. The mental risk? Look no further than the QB who currently holds the sack record, David Carr. A promising young QB for the Texans, Carr was so rattled and shaken after his 76 sack season, he never recovered. He stopped reading progressions of his receivers, and instead began watching the O-line. His career didn’t recover.

Think that might not happen to Tannehill? It very easily could. Especially when you consider that Tannehill was the second least sacked (in Div 1A) in his final year at Texas A&M. So being sacked was not something Tannehill was used to. (Maybe explains why he has not learned to sense pressure.)

So what big changes should Miami make? Make a trade ala the Steeler’s trade for Levi Brown from the Cards or the Ravens trade for Eugene Monroe from Jacksonville?

Usually, in season trades make very little impact. It is too much to expect the newly arrived player to be able to learn the scheme and playbook, or develop chemistry with the rest of the team.

Sign someone from free agency? Well…who is out there? Maybe Brandon Moore?

No, I think the changes need to begin from within.

Let’s look at the line. So far this season, OT Tyson Clabo is rated as one of the worst right tackles in the NFL by PFF. How many sacks has he given up this year? At least 7 by my count. Is he really that much better than Nate Garner?

In 2010, the Dolphins fired special teams coach John Bonamego after a Monday night meltdown loss to the Patriots. Special teams cost the Fins 21 points…via a returned kickoff and two blocked kicks. The week before, Miami had a punt blocked in a loss to the Jets.

Miami promoted Darren Rizzi, who had no previous NFL experience before being hired by Tony Sparano in 2008. Rizzi is still the special teams coach, so that worked out for Miami.

O-line coach Jim Turner followed OC Mike Sherman from Texas A&M, and was supposed to fix the Fin’s porous line. Instead, they have gotten worse. Miami leads the league in sacks allowed and is 28th in rushing yards per game.

The O-line was poor before Turner’s arrival. But it wasn’t THIS bad. And it isn’t like this is a young, inexperienced line. Miami’s 5 starters have 297 starts among them….9th in the NFL.

Finally, I wonder why Miami has not changed some of their offensive schemes to adjust for the pass protection deficiency? Why is Ryan Tannehill not rolling out more? He is extremely mobile and laser accurate on the run. His 43 yard pass yesterday? When he rolled out of the pocket. (Tannehill later stated that his roll out was NOT designed…he improvised.)

Why do we not see more max protection passes?

I don’t want to truly delve in the Dolphins play calling. That deserves an article all into itself. But suffice it to say that it HAS to change.

The Dolphins have, in my opinion, found their franchise QB. The progress Tannehill has made from last season to now is tremendous. And I think he still has a lot more potential to unlock. But unless Miami finds a way to protect him, he may not be their future!

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