• Fins cut Grimes Fins cut Grimes The Fins release CB Brent Grimes, freeing $6.5 million in cap space
  • Mario Williams signed Mario Williams signed DE Mario Williams signs a 2 years deal with the Fins
  • Fins trade for CB Maxwell Fins trade for CB Maxwell Fins swap 1st round picks with the Eagles for CB Maxwell and LB Alonso
  • Adam Gase hired Adam Gase hired Coach Gase was hired as head coach of the Dolphins


Day 2 was ‘good’ but it could have been MUCH better!

2nd round pick WR Jarvis Landry

2nd round pick WR Jarvis Landry

Dolphins get Landry in Round 2 (a player to momentarily subdue the ‘ball watchers’ who wanted a SEXY pick)

Here’s hoping that Miami has learned from their past mistakes and actually lets Landry FULLY recover from his injured hamstring instead of pushing him to workout (see Taylor, Thomas, Davis and Jordan).

They got less value for their trade backs than any other team in Round 2. Miami got a 4th to move back once (to #57) and a 5th to move back again (to 63). Meanwhile, 49ers got a 5th this year AND a 4th NEXT year to move back from 56 and only gave up a 5th to get back up to 57.

Add to that the inexplicable reasoning of allowing SF to give you 63 (one spot AFTER Pats) instead of pick 61 (one spot BEFORE Pats).

THEN to move up into the beginning of Round 3, they give up their FIRST 4th round pick?! How do they only get a 5th to move back but give up an EARLY 4th to move up?!


Round 3:

Miami selects Billy Turner who played Tackle at N Dakota St but projects to Guard in NFL.

Philbin/Hickey later RAVE about Turner’s ‘versatility’. I hope that sounds familiar because they did the EXACT same thing LAST year when talking about Dallas Thomas, who couldn’t get on the field at EITHER position. Fast forward to THIS year and Philbin STILL doesn’t know where Thomas is going to play!!! SCREW ‘versatility’. James may have been a ‘reach’ at 19 but at least we know where he is going to play!


While ALL this was going on, Hickey’s wheeling/dealing cost Miami the chance to draft one of the 2nd tier TEs AND the only other two MLB in the draft that have ANY shot of playing this year (aside from Special Teams).

I hope Landry turns out to be Welker and McDuffie rolled into one because Miami drafted its projected FOURTH WR in the 2nd round and bypassed SEVERAL major needs to do it.

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Day 2 was 'good' but it could have been MUCH better!, 2.8 out of 5 based on 15 ratings
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Matthew Stevens

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11 Responses to Day 2 was ‘good’ but it could have been MUCH better!

  • Miami has a bunch of cry-baby fans. You would think from these comments that they had won several Superbowls with Marino and everything has gone to hell. Take a lesson from the Seahawks, become the twelve man and good thing will come.

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  • Could’ve had a TE we need somebody to compliment clay. But most important TANNE has to throw the deep ball to reach Wallace or revis and other corners will pick him all day

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  • James was maybe the 4th best pass pro in the draft, and they did not feel he would make it past the next pick….Landry has something no WR on miami has, a wide catching radius. This means Tanny does not have to be as accurate with the ball. Landry also has huge hands and does not have a drop the ball problem. Landry fights for the ball and will go up after it, another item Miami lacked…..Turner, like James has great feet and fits the kind of OL this team wants. His weakness is core strength and I would be surprised if he starts in year 1….Miami may add a true OG to the mix is my guess…

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  • Drafting for need but where is the value? Also why did we draft a WR in the second round? That means they are planning to let someone walk next year, so now the guessing game begins on who that person is. This draft is a HUGE dissapointment. This sucks just when people start warming up to Ireland he gets fired because he knows what everyone else knows, Joe Philbin squandered the talent on this team last year. Now what does Ross do when Philbin bombs again? Does he keep Hickey or restart from scratch?

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    • We now know that Hickey is as stupid as Philbin, so they are a perfect marriage. How they could let the slot for Carlos Hyde go so cheap is beyond me. Ireland would never have made such disadvantageous trades

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  • Miami NEEDS to get Jimmy Johnson to handle the draft. Pay him 1 million dollars and let him work his magic. This will be money well spent. These clowns are just experimenting. What has Tampa bay done with this GM.

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    • 1) I have to laugh when people say, “Bring back JJ”, as if he has no choice in the matter. Jimmy Johnson doesn’t WANT to be back in football. He has a great job now where he can say anything he wants and not have to back up his comments with results!
      2) Jimmy made some great picks on defense, but picked some real duds on offense.
      3) Hickey didn’t have final say at Tampa.

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      • James Lancaster

        JJ’s most successful offensive pick with the Fins? Rob Konrad. JJ literally missed on every single offensive pick he made. So PASS on bringing that guy back.

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  • You are way too cynical to write about our team. There are a lot of things that go into trade downs; simply what is the other team willing to give you.. duh. Give it a rest. Dallas Thomas was not expected to start last year. You can always hope they can be impactful their first year but not necessarily. After this year, we can judge Dallas Thomas. Philbin’s not going to tell you where he is going to play. DT is going to have to come in and earn it. Don’t you get anything?

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  • New manager, same results, keeps Dolphins feeding off the bottom.I am tired of having the team be bottom feeders.Will we ever get someone who knows WHAT they are doing?

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  • I was pretty much thinking the exact same thing. It was like Hickey was trading just for the sake of trading.

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Crash the Chargers!!
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