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Does Harvin to Miami make sense?

Does a trade for Harvin make sense?

Does a trade for Harvin make sense?

Lately, there has been rampant speculation that the Minnesota Vikings might want to trade Percy Harvin, despite the claims from Vikings GM Rick Spielman to the contrary. And a lot of that speculation has the Dolphins as a prime candidate to make a trade for the talented but troubled receiver.

My question is, doesitmake sense for the Dolphins to trade for Harvin?

It’s hard to argue that Harvin doesn’t have talent. Over the last 4 seasons Harvin has had 29 total TDs. He is a homerun threat that the Dolphins have been sorely lackly….as a receiver and a return guy. Harvin can also be dangerous as a runner out of the backfield.

But lets look a bit closer at the whole picture.

Harvin, in the 4 years at Minnesota, has never reached 1000 yards receiving, and only one season, 2011, did Harvin play in all 16 games.

In addition, Harvin’s yards per catch average has declined every season. His rookie season, 2009, he averaged 13.2 yards per catch. Last season? 10.9 (Miami WR Brian Hartlinehad14.9ypclast year.)It’s also curious that the Vikings had a tendency to pull Harvin when theygotinside the redzone.At5’11, I wonder if Harvin is better suited as an inside receiver?And lastly, I wonder if Harvin has an attitude that Coach Philbin wants to deal with?TV cameras caught Harvin’s heated exchange with coach Frazier on the sidelines during a loss to Seattle last season. According to sources, the arguments flared up again a few weeks later in front of other players.Harvin also clashed with his previous coach, Childress over an “ankle injury” and “migranes”.

After suffering an ankle sprain in November of 2012, he missed the following game against the Lions but told the media on Nov. 21 he felt “like I’m ready for this next stretch. I should be good.”

Harvin did not practice again and was placed on IR two weeks later. Losing their most talented receiver in the middle of a playoff race, Frazier stated said the decision “helps all of us.”

That’s called a “Red Flag”.

IF (that’s a big IF) the Vikes did want to trade Harvin, he would command AT LEAST a second round pick…and more than likely multiple picks.

So, does it make sense for the Fins to give up multiple picks for a receiver who has never broke 1000 yards, is not a big redzone threat, cannot stay healthy, clashes with coaches, and will be wanting a big contract extension?

With free agent receivers like Jennings and Wallace on the market, and the deep talent at receiver in this year’s draft, I tend to think the question answers itself.

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James Lancaster

James Lancaster

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5 Responses to Does Harvin to Miami make sense?

  • I totally disagree and think Harvin is one of the top playmakers in the game period. I watched every Vikes game and every time he touches the ball you are looking for him to go the distance. He is electric. He is also a me first jerk at times but if you try and havea team full of boy scouts you ain’t winning much. This guy is YOUNG and FAST. I’d give up a 3rd and possibly a 2nd for him and give him a legit starting WR contract. The one catch is you would have to negotiate with him first and make sure you have a deal there were he is happy. If he is happy with is money he is easily one of the most dynamic players in the game. He has speed like no other. When you have Peterson on your team you can take alot of guys off the field in the red zone. And whoever said he is 29 must be thinking of Jennings or Bowe cause Harvin is 24 i believe and he is a much bigger play maker than those 2. You want chunk yards and scores in a hurry – get Harvin. You can’t compare his stats because the Vikes offense was run first second and thirs and their QB Ponder is terrible. Give this guy a decent QB and he would be very scary.

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  • James Lancaster

    Harvin has been demanding a trade for a while now…..so it isn’t like it is completely impossible. But I do agree the media is looking for something to report …..

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  • I’m a Gator and it pains me to say “no thanks”. Talented but there are better options out there and most significantly, Harvin isn’t a Philbin kind of guy.

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  • Harvin Is only 24**** big difference rrom 29..
    Huge talent
    Selfish player
    Def worth one of our 2nd round picks, Not sure if he is worth the huge $$ and pick though

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  • There is little truth to this rumor – it’s merely the press looking to comment on something during the dog days before free agency. The Vikings want to trade a reciever… Miami needs recievers… gotta be intrest here right? Nope… Why? because like it or not there is no value here – and Ireland is a Value guy.
    1. why trade for a pick for a receiver and pay him tier 1 money when there are tier 1 recievers at the same price on the market.
    2. He is a slot reciever on a team that has two good slot recievers already. (doesn’t fit the need)
    3. He is a headcase… on a team that want’s team players not ME Me Me guys… Two run in’s in two years with two different coaches…
    4. Age – he is 29 – not a young guy by any means.

    If he gets cut by the Vikings – then I expect he will enter the mix for the Dolphins as a depth reciever – but even then I expect that Indy, Denver, and a couple other teams who have need at the slot to be bigger players.

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