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Fin’s Draft – Final Thoughts

LB Jordan Tripp could be a steal for the Fins

LB Jordan Tripp could be a steal for the Fins

Ok, so I have had a little time to digest this year’s Dolphin draft. I generally try to take a day or two to avoid knee jerk reactions. Initially, I was underwhelmed. But now that I’ve thought on it, I’ve realized that this draft was ok. Not great, but not terrible either. 

In the first round I think James will be the immediate starter on the right side of the line. I don’t see him as a dominating, Pro Bowler type. Think more along the lines of a Todd Wade or Vernon Carey type. I still think Miami could of traded down 5-10 spots and landed him, making him somewhat of a reach in my opinion. But if he can solidify the right tackle position, I’ll be happy.

In the second and third rounds, the Fins traded back and forth multiple times. Overall, I think the Fins may have lost some trade value here as they selected WR Jarvis Landry out of LSU and then traded back up for Turner.

For the record, I have no problem with this selection. Landry is a superb route runner, and has hands of glue. While he does not having blazing speed, his skill set is perfect for a WCO. If Landry becomes another OJ McDuffie type receiver, in a year or two no one will remember how much trading went on by Miami leading up to his selection.

In the 3rd round, Miami selected “versitile”  OL Billy Turner. You should remember that Coach Philbin used that term last year in describing third round pick Dallas Thomas. But a lot of scouts like Turner, and talked about his high ceiling. I guess we will see if he can break the Miami tradition of selecting offensive linemen in the mid rounds who wash out.

As for day three, I had to work and was unable to watch the draft. I will give a “Thumbs up” for the selection of LB Jordan Tripp. Projected by many to be a 3rd rounder, Miami may have gotten a steal in round 5. Tripp has the size (6’3) and the speed (4.67) instincts, and footwork of a solid LB. Maybe a taller Zach Thomas? (Another 5th round steal.)

Thumbs down would be the selection of Georgia TE Arthur Lynch. Lynch should serve as a decent blocker, but may struggle to get separation at the next level. When I heard the pick announced, I thought to myself, “It’s like we drafted Dion Sims all over again.” But hopefully he can replace TE Michael Egnew, whose play has been almost non-existent.

Like I said, at first I was underwhelmed. It was clear that Miami drafted predominately for need, and this year’s picks were not flashy like last year’s draft. But if Miami solidified their holes with these picks, then what do we really have to complain about?

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James Lancaster

James Lancaster

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6 Responses to Fin’s Draft – Final Thoughts

  • watch my this highlight a young man who played thru it he plays whistle to whistle broken wrist and leg spasms but an amazing player with too much alot of talent RT,RG,C,LG,LT,DT
    40 is a 4.8 and shuttle 4.65 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJazPkSCZM8

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  • Ja’wuan James…No doubt Miami wanted to trade down, there are clues to what happened. As soon as Miami did their pick at #19, Arizona traded out of their pick at #20. Arizona has a huge need for OL just like Miami and James by many was rated the 4th best pass blocker at the tackle position. Miami’s need at RT were so great, it would have been to high of a risk to hope James would last until the #27 pick. At that point you just pick your man, fill the need and move on…..2nd rd Miami again gave us clues to their thinking. Because Landry had a bad 40 time (Jerry Rice speed) they felt there was a higher chance they could still land him and trade back. On this pick they did well netting an extra 4th and 5th and i believe Billy Turner was their option if Landry was taken. The 3rd RD move up seemed more forced, they had extra picks and they still had a need for an OT that could be groomed to play on the left side. This player would need to have very good feet, length and hands. Once the 3rd RD started there was only one player left that fit this and that was Billy Turner. He needs to get stronger and learn technique, but everything else is there to be a LT. Knowing this and having the ammo to move up they made the trade instead of risking the wait. Just my Miami view….

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    • James Lancaster

      I have no issue with the players selected (in the first 3 rounds), and understand why they were taken. I guess I’m just not keen on where they were taken. Matt Stevens had a good write up on it. http://finnation.com/day-2-good-much-better/#more-13143

      But in the end, if the players perform like we hope they do, it will be a moot point. :)

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  • Nice write-up, James.

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  • Dolphins didn’t trade up to draft Landry if that helps. They traded up to get OL Billy Turner.

    Don’t know what you would expect from a TE drafted in the 4th round. Any TE that’s a good blocker capable of getting separation in the NFL will be gone by round 2 at the latest, probably a 1st rounder. /shrug, I expect a slightly better receiver than Sims, a slightly worse blocker.

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    • James Lancaster

      Oops…typo on my part. I meant losing trade value between the trading down and then trading back up. Thanks for catching that.

      As for Lynch, just color me unimpressed. Who knows…maybe he turns into a Fasano type. But I think Sims could be a better overall TE than Lynch.

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