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  • TE Clay signs with the Bills TE Clay signs with the Bills A 5 year deal worth $38 million with $20 million guaranteed...Fins declined to match
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The goal is clear for Miami

Coach Philbin and company have their work cut out for them.

Coach Philbin and company have their work cut out for them.

The goal is clear for Miami

Exactly three weeks from today begins the NFL’s annual selection process. Over the years Miami has really struggled to excel in the annual ritual. You’ll need to go all the way back to Jimmy Johnson’s defensive selections to find the type of players that turn losing franchises into winners. Sam Madison, Patrick Surtain, Zack Thomas, and Jason Taylor were all Pro-Bowl quality players. Since then, the Dolphins have failed miserably, and consistently to uncover that kind of talent.

If Hickey, and Philbin plan on remaining in Miami this must change immediately.

You can be sure they are aware of the expectations by now. Miami fans have long grown tired of the excuses, regime changes, and more excuses. This franchise was only in it’s 5th season when it played it’s first playoff game. An expansion team grew to a playoff team in 5 years. The abysmal display of football over the last 13 years is embarrassing, (We’ll exclude 2008 as a very unique set of circumstances that led to a fluke of a season)

The 1970 Dolphins did not have it as easyas some might think either. The Baltimore Colts were a very solid team that finished the season 11-2-1. Miami split the season series getting whipped 35-0, and turning the tide 34-17. The Jets had Joe Namath, and the Bills O.J. Simpson.

So yes, we’re talking a very long time ago, but it can be done. Pete Carroll was hired on January 11th, 2010. Now they’re Super Bowl champions just 4 years later.

Miami has to make a similar turnaround, not only because it is expected as each team expects to win, but because this revolving cycle of regimes is just stagnating the teams growth. The years are quickly passing by. Nothing changes except the people making the decisions.

It was clear Jeff Ireland was an average General Manager. Much like the majority of players he selected he was steady, but unspectacular. He could not put together a cohesive offensive line in 6 seasons. That was his undoing, Bullygate just gave owner Stephen Ross a much needed reason to change course.

So the course is set, Dennis Hickey is the captain. If he can’t successfully navigate the next few drafts I am afraid the Miami Dolphins, and coach Philbin will never reach their desired destination. World Champions.

Instead, the team will remain adrift like it’s been since 2002.

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6 Responses to The goal is clear for Miami

  • I have a good feeling about this Hickey guy

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  • wow. never is a long time my friend. quit the drinking and be a little positive

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    • I think he’s being more of a realist than a pessimist.

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    • Sorry your perception of the article is negative. I’ll just give you some facts. The average coaching tenure in the NFL is current;y 4.1 years, for a GM it’s 4.3. Owners do not have the patience they once did.

      Thanks for reading.

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  • Oh, I remember. John Avery, etc.

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  • James Lancaster

    Just FYI….while JJ drafted a lot of successful defensive players, he failed miserably at drafting offensive ones. His most successful offensive pick? Rob Konrad….. :shock:

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