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  • Fins sign CB Finnegan Fins sign CB Finnegan Dolphins ink him to a 2 year, $11 million contract
  • DT Randy Starks stays with Fins DT Randy Starks stays with Fins Reportedly signs a 2 year deal worth about $12 million
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Miami Dolphins – Signed UDFA WR Terrell Sinkfield


dm 130305 nfl terrell sinkfield 419 Miami Dolphins   Signed UDFA WR Terrell Sinkfield

WR Terrell Sinkfield of the University of Northern Iowa first made sporting headlines when it was reported that he ran 4.19s in the 40 yard dash at his pro day in early March. I was always doubtful that this was an accurate hand time and at a follow up pro day, which was attended by a higher caliber of NFL scouts, Terrell was clocked twice in the low 4.3s, with an official best of 4.33s.

Sinkfield definitely has elite level speed, and although his times are not 4.19s as first reported, it is still fast enough to comfortably put him in the Tavon Austin and Marquise Goodwin speed bracket. Along with his straight-line speed, Sinkfield also has outstanding leaping ability, with a vertical of 42.5 inches. Those measurables give him a tremendous catching radius.

However, it remains a concern that Sinkfield went undrafted after receiving national notoriety, you would assume that with all the attention he received, if there was enough raw talent a team would have selected him in the later rounds of the draft, rather than take the risk ofbeingoutbidfor his services in the UDFA market.  But Terrell had several factors working against him in the draft process:


  1. He played at University of Northern Iowa in the MVC conference, so there was always going to be questions about level of competition he faced.
  2. More importantly and even more damaging is that even in the lowly regarded MVC conference his production was not great.
  3. And finally even with his speed, Terrell was not responsible for Punt/Kick Returns at UNI, so there was no film to analyze of his ability to be an impact player as a returner on special teams.


2013 WR 40 Times

Marquise Goodwin 5-09 183 11.00 42.0 6.66 4.27 3rd
Terrell Sinkfield 6-00 198 11.42 42.5 6.94 4.33 UDFA
Tavon Austin 5-09 174 10.00 32.0 DNP 4.34 1st
Ryan Swope 6-00 205 10.42 37.0 6.76 4.34 6th
Aaron Dobson 6-03 210 10.08 35.0 7.19 4.37 2nd
Josh Boyce 5-11 206 10.92 34.0 6.68 4.38 5th
Kenny Stills 6-01 194 10.33 33.5 7.13 4.38 5th
Charles Johnson 6-02 215 11.08 39.5 7.04 4.39 7th
Cordarrelle Patterson 6-02 216 10.67 37.0 7.28 4.42 1st
Corey Fuller 6-02 204 10.00 31.5 7.17 4.43 6th
Justin Hunter 6-04 196 11.33 39.5 7.19 4.44 2nd
Markus Wheaton 5-11 189 10.00 37.0 6.80 4.45 3rd



The acquisition of Sinkfield for the Dolphins is a good low risk/high reward signing, and at 6’0″ 198lbs Sinkfield definitely has more of a traditional wide receiver build than both Marquise Goodwin or Tavon Austin. I compare Sinkfield more to another prospect I really liked in Markus Wheaton, mainly because Terrell has the build to potentially fulfill other roles as an outside receiver and not just a slot option. But he is first going to have to prove that his route running and catching ability are on a pro level.

I am intrigued like everyone else, but with the limited resources available on Sinkfield, it is still very difficult to come to a conclusion about what exactly he has to offer besides his straight line speed. Ultimately, I think his lack of return experience on special teams may be too damaging, but, I am truly rooting for the kid to exceed expectations.


Sinkfield – 2012 Season Stats

UNI Miami Dolphins   Signed UDFA WR Terrell Sinkfield










Lets hope that Ireland has found us a prospect that can first make the roster and secondly develop into a starter. I will be anxiously awaiting to hear how he gets along in camp. If he develops into an impact player, it could take the sting away of us passing on Markus Wheaton in the 3rd round.

Take a look at Terrell Sinkfield’s pre-draft workouts courtesy AMISports1


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