• Dion Jordan suspended 4 games Dion Jordan suspended 4 games DE Dion Jordan is suspended the first four games for violating the NFL’s policy on performance enhancing substances.
  • Mike Pouncey has hip surgery Mike Pouncey has hip surgery Fins OC could be out for 3 months
  • Fins suspend S Don Jones Fins suspend S Don Jones For his twitter comments about Ram's DL Michael Sam
  • Fins select OT Ja'Wuan James in 1st round Fins select OT Ja'Wuan James in 1st round James should challenge for the starting RT spot


Moving on Up?

Ok Fin fans….before you read this, take a deep breath. Prepare yourself because if I had to guess, I’d say that the Miami Dolphins will be looking to grab an offensive tackle with their first round pick.

Not only that, but they will also be trading UP into the top 5 to get one. But I don’t think it will be for Lane Johnson.

Call it a hunch….a guess. Just my gut feeling on what the Fins plan on doing. And honestly, I’m ok with it. Not ecstatic, but not angry either. I understand the line of reasoning behind it.

Now before you try to get me committed, let’s think about this for a minute. What are Miami’s 3 biggest needs? I would say OT, CB, and TE.

Once you get past the top 3 OTs in Joeckel, Fisher, and Johnson, the talent level drops considerably. Yet the draft is stocked full of talent at the CB and TE positions. Hell, the talent there is deep into the 3rd round at both positions. And at DE, there are not any guys I like enough totradeupforoutsideofDionJordon. (I think he will go second to the Jags.)Now for those of you arguing that DE is a big position of need, I won’t disagree. But Miami signed two pass rushing LBs in Wheeler and Ellerbe. So in my book, that makes a pass rushing DE maybe 4th overall in terms of needs.So why not trade up to get a guy that not only fills your biggest need, but is a top 5 talent to boot? For all you “Best player available” vs “draft for need” debaters, this does both.

Currently, it is rumored that the Raiders maybe interested in trading down…possibly swaping 1st rounders and taking a 2nd and 5th. Then with the 5th overall pick, Miami could be in line to grab Eric Fisher.

As I mentioned a few days ago, the Fins have more draft picks than roster spots. So they have more than enough ammunition to trade up not just at the first round, but even again into the second and third rounds. Enough to also grab a guy like CB Jamar Thomas and/or TE Travis Kelce after shoring up the LT spot.

Now for those of you banging your fist on the table for a “playmaker” like WR Tavon Austin or Cordarrelle Patterson, ask yourself this; “how much of an impact will they make?”

We already have guys like Wallace, Gibson, Hartline, and Keller. Where would Austin or Patterson fit in?

I ask this because the Fins only have so many receptions to go around.

Last season, Tannehill had 282 completions on 484 attempts. Add in Wallace, Gibson, and Keller to Hartline and Bess, and it can quickly become a numbers game.

Even if the Fins throw more this year (last year they threw 504 times to 440 rushing attempts), and even if Tannehill improves on his 58.3% completion stat, that is still maybe what? 300 completions to share with 4 other wide receivers and a TE?

Now look at how often your LT lines up and plays. Miami had 981 offensive plays last year. So if your LT stays healthy…that is around 1000 plays. 1000 plays protecting Tannehill’s blindside versus a rookie WR that will most likely take a few years to develop? A guy that might be lucky and grab 40 receptions? Maybe 50?

Add in the money already spent on Wallace, Gibson, and Hartline along with the holes at the aforementioned positions, drafting another receiver in round one doesn’t make as much sense.

So what about a difference maker like Xavier Rhodes or Tyler Eifert?

I’ll admit, they are my two favorite picks at #12. But look at the talent level at the CB and TE as a whole versus the talent level after the top 3 OTs. You might disagree, but to me, there is a MUCH bigger drop off from the top 3 OTs than from CB or TE after Rhodes or Eifert.

Take a guy like OT Terron Armstrong or David Quessenberry. I think their overall grade is considerably lower than that of Eric Fisher or Lane Johnson. But guys like TEs Travis Kelce/Gavin Escobar and CBs like Jamar Taylor/DJ Hayden have a closer overall grade to Rhodes/Eifert.

And finally, although there are questions surrounding the health of Brent Grimes and Dustin Keller, at least they are on the roster. Better than no insurance policy at all.

What do we have at LT?

Our biggest need filled by a guy like Eric Fisher….a top 5 overall talent. A guy who grades out over guys like Austin, Patterson, Eifert, or Rhodes, and still have the ability to get a guy like Jamar Taylor and Travis Kelce.

I have no problem with that.

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