• Tanny and Fins BEAT down the Texans Tanny and Fins BEAT down the Texans QB Tannehill sets an NFL completion record at 25 in a row as the Fins whip the Texans 44-26
  • Dan Campbell replaces Philbin Dan Campbell replaces Philbin TE coach Dan Campbell is named interim head coach after Joe Philbin is let go
  • Fins lose preseason game to Panthers 31-30 Fins lose preseason game to Panthers 31-30 However, the Dolphin starters were dominate and took a 14-0 lead before they were pulled
  • S Delmas lost for season S Delmas lost for season Louis Delmas tore is ACL in practice with the Panthers


NFL DRAFT DAY 2 – Roller Coaster


WOW – NICE – WTF – OK… That pretty much sums up the progression of my feelings about the draft thus far and our 4 picks. I am not going to discuss the trades we made in detail on day 2 because I really don’t care at the moment. I Have no idea why we did not trade up into the second round for Armstead! Right now I am fighting the urge to toss this laptop into the lake after that disappointing round 3.

I thought the Will Davis pick was a bit of a reach but not atrocious, I don’t know why the Dolphins traded up to get him after trading down, I was surprised to see him go before B.W. Webb among others. But Davis is a quick footed corner with great short area acceleration that can play at the nickle.

The pick that is most troubling to me is the Dallas Thomas selection at #77, I should really sleep on this selection before writing this article in an angry mood, but whatthehellhere it goes… Here is the thing, yesterday I praised Jeff Ireland and today I am going to cut him down, let me explain. Dion Jordan was a great pick, he is a prospect who I thought for sure was unattainable because it would be cost prohibitive to move up and get him. But Ireland pulled it off and he did so cheaply, for that Ireland deserves all the credit in the world. But should we give Ireland credit for being a good talent evaluator because of that pick? Can we give a GM credit for selecting a prospect whom just about everyone graded as a stud. Ireland definitely was a boss for the way he maneuvered and acquired Dion Jordan, but we can’t put to much stock into the talent evaluation aspect because it was consensus.

Then along comes round 2 and at pick #54 Miami found CB Jamar Taylor sitting there for us. He was a great value selection at #54 and many had him ranked higher including myself, so to me this selection was a no-brainer for Ireland. Literally, Dolphins Fans all over social media called the Jamar Taylor pick long before it was made, that should tell you how easy of a choice this was for Jeff Ireland. So can we praise Jeff Ireland for his talent evaluation of Jamar Taylor or was this just a great value pick that fell into his lap? Well I guess we do have to give some credit to him for pulling the trigger at least.

At this point in the draft I was elated with how things were coming along, I took a look at the big board after we selected Jamar Taylor and did the math, I knew there was going to be very good talent available in the 3rd round at our selections. I loved the flexibility and the options we had going into the 3rd.

However, I was also aware that we were heading into the part of the draft where great talent evaluators like Ozzie Newsome and Eric DeCosta differentiate themselves from the pretenders across the league. This is where the art of scouting separates the winners from the losers. Picking in the TOP 10 is not without it’s risk but the first round is simply not as difficult as the later rounds to find talent. The great talent evaluators find talent consistently throughout the draft.

Pick #77 was the first real talent decision Jeff Ireland had to make, his decision to draft OT/OG Dallas Thomas sent an immediate jolt to my brain, it was an instant headache. Its not that I think Dallas Thomas is a horrible player, I actually had Thomas ranked as a 3rd rounder back in January only to downgrade him because of an injury sustained to his shoulder at the Senior Bowl. With his inability to work out I ultimately assigned him a 4th/5th round grade. So although I don’t consider Thomas a horrible player, I do consider him a horrible pick at #77.



I did not agree with the selection of Dallas Thomas because at the time there were higher valued assets on the board. Here are the the guys we should have drafted and why, also notice the caliber of the teams and scouting departments that drafted these players following Miami’s pick.



80 BUF Marquise Goodwin, WR, Texas
81 PIT Markus Wheaton, WR, Oregon

The Bills selected WR Marquise Goodwin and the Steelers selected WR Markus Wheaton. Both guys had a great draft process and performed exceptionally well at the Senior Bowl creating separation from defenders consistently. They displayed crisp route running ability and great hands. Both players followed up the Senior Bowl with amazing combine performances showing off their speed and overall athleticism.

Markus Wheaton in particular looked like a complete package who also had very good college production to back up his attributes. Wheaton has the versatility to play in the slot or out wide as a flanker. He would have been a perfect addition and cheap insurance for both Hartline and Wallace. Markus Wheaton is a player who could be commanding 10 million/yr in free agency 4 years from now, his potential is that good.



84 NO John Jenkins, DT, Georgia
96 BAL Brandon Williams, DT, Missouri

The Saints selected NT John Jenkins and the Ravens selected NT Brandon Williams. Williams was yet another great pickup by Guru Ozzie Newsome in Baltimore. Brandon Williams is a small school prospect with big time talent. He competed with the best of the best in the country down in Mobile, Alabama and impressed scouts with his combination of size, movement and power. This guy is a wrecking ball at the heart on the defense with a great motor.

With NT Paul Soliai on his final year of his contract, either Brandon Williams or John Jenkins could have been an excellent addition to replace Paul Soliai if he leaves next year. Both Williams and Jenkins carried a 2nd/3rd round grade on my board. This was an opportunity missed by the Dolphins, to not only add very promising talent at great value, but to also save money next year by letting Soliai walk.


90 SF Corey Lemonier, OLB, Auburn

The 49ers drafted OLB/DE Corey Lemonier who is yet another player listed on my sleeper board (Underrated/Sleepers). Corey is a pass rushing OLB/DE who can also play in space much like Dion Jordan. Lemonier is projected to be a better OLB than DE from my analysis. At 6’3″ 255lbs with 34.5in arms, benching 27reps and running a 4.60s 40, Lemonier’s numbers all compare to Dion Jordan’s except for his height and length.

Lemonier could have been an excellent addition at OLB to push Koa Misi at the Strong-Side Linebacker position. Lemonier would have also been insurance if Koa Misi left via free agency next year. Jim Harbaugh certainly did not need another OLB but Lemonier was too good of a value to pass up, so he traded up for him! I only wish Jeff Ireland recognized that! When a Super-Bowl team that is as talented as the 49ers are on defense trades up to grab an OLB that you passed on, that has to be worrisome. Missed opportunity!




Dallas Thomas did not need to be selected at #77, in fact he was not even the best O-Lineman available at pick #77. Due to the depth of the position in the 3rd to 4th rounds and the relatively small drop off in talent level, selecting Dallas Thomas eroded the value of the pick.

Miami not only pulled the trigger on the wrong O-Lineman, but they also pulled it to soon. It was quite possible Dallas Thomas would have slipped all the way into the 4th round. Thomas is currently recovering from an injured shoulder, which will sideline him for a couple more months, he has not been able to work-out or do any strength testing since his surgery in February.

Along the O-Line there are several other options at OT and OG who I consider to be better than Thomas. Players like David Quessenberry, Brennan Williams, and Brian Schwenke. The depth at the position meant that even if the Dolphins had passed on Dallas Thomas, the Dolphins would have still had ample options in the 4th round at the same talent level or better. The Dolphins did not extract any relative value from this selection.

Here is my tier list of OT/OG that were still on the board when Miami selected Dallas Thomas.


Brian Schwenke California OC/OG 6-03 314 32 31 4.99
David Quessenberry San Jose State OT/OG 6-05 302 34.38 25 5.08
Alvin Bailey Arkansas OG 6-03 312 34.75 27 4.95
Brennan Williams North Carolina OT 6-06 318 34 DNP 5.27
Barrett Jones Alabama OC/OG 6-04 306 34.13 DNP DNP
David Bakhtiari Colorado OT 6-04 299 34 28 5.09
Vinston Painter Virginia Tech OT 6-04 306 34 32 4.95
Dallas Thomas Tennessee OT/OG 6-05 306 33.13 DNP DNP

I have not even addressed the players who have not been chosen as of yet like Jesse Williams, Da’Rick Rogers and Cornelius Washington who all grade higher than Dallas Thomas.



Brian Schwenke California OC/OG 6-03 314 31 4.99
David Quessenberry San Jose State OT/OG 6-05 302 25 5.08
Alvin Bailey Arkansas OG 6-03 312 27 4.95
Brennan Williams North Carolina OT 6-06 318 DNP 5.27
Barrett Jones Alabama OC/OG 6-04 306 DNP DNP
David Bakhtiari Colorado OT 6-04 299 28 5.09
Vinston Painter Virginia Tech OT 6-04 306 32 4.95
Johnathan Franklin UCLA RB 5-10 205 18 4.49
Latavius Murray Central Florida RB 6-03 223 22 4.38
Michael Ford LSU RB 5-09 210 25 4.50
Mike James Miami RB 5-10 223 28 1.58
Chris Gragg Arkansas TE 6-03 244 18 4.50
Joseph Fauria UCLA TE 6-07 259 17 4.72
Luke Wilson Rice TE 6-05 251 23 4.51
Da’Rick Rogers Tennessee Tech WR 6-02 217 10 4.52
Quinton Patton Louisiana Tech WR 6-00 204 8 4.53
Charles Johnson Grand Valley State WR 6-02 215 14 4.39
Kenny Stills Oklahoma WR 6-01 194 16 4.38
Jaron Brown Clemson WR 6-02 204 17 4.4
Ryan Swope Texas A&M WR 6-00 205 16 4.34
Mark Harrison Rutgers WR 6-03 231 17 4.46
Rodney Smith Florida State WR 6-04 225 DNP 4.51
Jesse Williams Alabama NT 6-03 323 30 4.92
Akeem Spence Illinois DT 6-01 307 37 5.15
Lawrence Okoye UK DT 6-05 304 30 4.78
Cornelius Washington Georgia LB 6-04 265 36 4.55
Jelani Jenkins Florida LB 6-00 243 27 4.65
A.J. Klein Iowa State LB 6-01 250 24 4.66
Khaseem Greene Rutgers LB 6-01 241 17 4.71
Ray Polk Colorado DB 6-00 219 19 4.40
Cody Davis Texas Tech DB 6-02 203 15 4.41
Bacarri Rambo Georgia DB 6-01 211 17 4.53
Phillip Thomas Fresno State DB 6-01 208 14 4.65
Sanders Commings Georgia CB 6-00 216 23 4.41
B.W. Webb William & Mary CB 5-10 184 14 4.51
Jordan Poyer Oregon State CB 6-00 191 8 4.54



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5 Responses to NFL DRAFT DAY 2 – Roller Coaster

  • Don’t forget Ireland’s “horizontal drafting” strategy: obviously Ireland felt OG (since that’s where I’ve seen Thomas projected in the NFL) was a bigger/more immediate need than the other positions, leading to Thomas’s selection before other positions like WR or DT. While I understand why you downgraded him due to the shoulder injury, I guess Ireland figured it was safe to assume Thomas would heal from the injury and develop into a starter and didn’t hold it against him.

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  • Max, please resist the urge to throw your laptop in the lake. I can’t say I always agree with you, but I love to read your perspective.

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  • You sound like a baby he filled a need and choose a player the staff liked. Stop whining and throw your laptop in the lake next time instead of writing these crap articles.

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    • James Lancaster

      Oh the internet….where anyone can disparage what was written without actually trying to refute what was said…. :roll:

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    • Really insightful comments, “Chris”. But then this isn’t unusual for you, is it “Chris”? Bitter much? Not surprising that you aren’t man enough to use your poster login, but it isn’t hard for us to connect the dots since the site logs IP addresses on these comments and votes, as well as when you have previously logged into the message boards. Connect… the… dots…

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