• CB Will Davis out for season CB Will Davis out for season Miami placed CB Will Davis on the IR, ending his season
  • Fins stay in playoff hunt Fins stay in playoff hunt Miami upends the Bills, 22-9, keep playoff hopes alive.
  • Fins dominate Chargers Fins dominate Chargers QB Tannehill threw 3 TDs as the Fins rout the Chargers 37-0
  • Fins beat Jags, 27-13 Fins beat Jags, 27-13 It wasn't pretty, but Miami put down the Jaguars, 27-13




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There is great debate and divide among the Miami Dolphins fan-base about the prospect of trading up into the top of draft to select either Lane Johnson or Eric Fisher at Left Tackle. Everyone agrees that something must be done about the gaping hole at LT left by former #1 overall selection Jake Long, but opinions vary wildly about what should be done and how it should be done.

There are a couple of scenarios being tossed around on our forums and here they are:

  1. Move RT Jonathan Martin over to LT and draft a RT in the 2nd or 3rd round. Terron Armstead and David Quessenberry are viable options in this scenario.
  2. Move RT Jonathan Martin over to LT and sign free agent Eric Winston at RT. Draft OT in 3rd to develop. Again I like David Quessenberry as an option.
  3. Trade up in the draft to select LTs Lane Johnson, Eric Fisher or Luke Joeckle. I love Eric Fisher and Lane Johnson, but I absolutely hate this option.
  4. Trade our 2nd round pick #42 to KAN for LT Branden Albert, whowewillhaveto give a lucrative extension. I am not a fan of this scenario either. Kinda makes me wonder if it would have been better to resign/franchise LT Jake Long and use the 2nd rounder that will be going to KAN to draft his eventual replacement.
  5. Stay put at #12. If LT Lane Johnson falls then draft him, if not, draft BPA at a position of need, likely DE or CB.
  6. Do nothing at all, allow John Jerry and/or Nate Garner to have an opportunity to play at RT. This option should not be taken seriously. At best one those guys will be given an opportunity to be 2nd string at Tackle.


Some fans are adamant that drafting offensive linemen in the first round is not the answer in building a championship roster, but is this a completely fair assessment? I think a lot of these Dolphins fans are stung by what transpired with Jake Long. Although, I do agree that in hindsight that QB Matt Ryan should have been the selection ahead of LT Jake Long, but at the time it didn’t seem that obvious. However, that does not mean I think Jake Long was a bust pick, actually far from it!

Even to this day I still see Jake Long as a #1 overall LT, Long was a better prospect than 2013 prospects Luke Joeckle and Eric Fisher. Jake Long looked to be heading to the hall of fame the way he played early on in his career, but no one can predict injuries in sports, and it was unfortunate that Long’s performances diminished because of nagging injuries, it was not because of talent. The Miami Dolphins simply just had bad luck.

In 2012 Andrew Luck was the #1 overall pick and he played like the star everyone expected him to be, but say for instance he gets an injury next season from which he can’t fully recover, does that make him a bust? No! Those are unforeseen circumstances that occur in sports. This is why I feel embarrassed as a Miami Dolphin supporter when I hear fans refer to Long in a derogatory manner, its behavior I expect from Philly Fans not Miami Fans.

Was Bill Belichick an idiot for selecting Nate Solder in the first round and Logan Mankins years earlier? How about the 49ers brass were they foolish in drafting both Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati in the first round in 2010, even after drafting Joe Staley a few years earlier. GM Ted Thompson in Green Bay must not know anything because he drafted Bryan Bulaga in the first round too. Ozzie Newsome now there is another idiot, he has no clue what he is doing in Baltimore, he wasted picks on two O-Line in the first round. I wonder how do these guys still have jobs? (that was sarcasm)

So is there a correlation between drafting play-makers versus building blocks along the O-line and winning in the NFL? I certainly can’t find it.

Have a look below at the 6 year and 11 year draft history for O-Linemen in the NFL. See if you can draw some inferences.

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Pound the Pats!!
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