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Pros and Cons – OT Lane Johnson

OT Lane Johnson

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl


There is no need to go into detail regarding Lane Johnson’s physical attributes and measurables, because they are universally recognized as being spectacular! Lane has shined at every step of the draft process thus far. He had an stellar Senior Bowl Week versus the best D-Linemen in the country and he followed that up with a remarkable combine performance. By drafting Lane Johnson at #12, the Dolphins can keep Jonathan Martin at Right Tackle while Johnson protects Ryan Tannehill’s blind side.

The Dolphins have invested a lot of money into vertical threat wide receiver Mike Wallace and they also retained wide receiver Brain Hartline as their #2. Mike Wallace has blazing speed to go deep, but Tannehill’s offensive line protection will still need to hold up long enough to allow time for Mike Wallace to get separation on his vertical routes. Without adequate protection for Tannehill, Mike Wallace’s skill set may be less effective.

Secondly, Brian Hartline is a receiver who wins his routes late in the route pattern, unlike Wes Welker who wins his routes early in the pattern.

<span style=”font-family: verdana, geneva; font-size: 14px;”>Hartline isadeceptive route runner who needs both time and vertical field space for his double moves, feints and other maneuvers to work. Therefore, for the Dolphins to maximize both of their receiver’s strengths, Tannehill must be able to stand tall in pocket and deliver the football without being under constant duress.

Although Tannehill is an athletic QB that can throw well on the run and granted that he has also shown ability to perform in the face of pressure, the absolute worst thing is to put Tannehill in a position where he has to constantly scramble out of the pocket to buy time for his receivers to get open down-field. This unnecessarily exposes Tannehill to injury.

It amuses me a great deal when I hear someone say that O-Line is over-rated and is not important, I nod and smile but at the same time make a mental note to ignore these people. The fact is, Tannehill is the most important asset for the Miami Dolphins franchise and to expose him to the type of beating Arizona’s and Chicago’s O-Line has allowed on their QBs is foolish. The first rule in business “Protect your Assets”.



The “Cons” have nothing to do with Lane Johnson as a prospect, he is a legitimate TOP 10 candidate and I really doubt he falls past Arizona at #7 or San Diego at #11. The major “Con” with selecting Lane Johnson is that the Dolphins may have to trade up to get him. The other “Con” is that the Dolphins may not necessarily need a Left Tackle.

Miami has former 2nd round pick Jonathan Martin at OT. Martin played well enough last season at LT when he was asked to fill in for the injured Jake Long. Martin’s game still needs improvement, but he showed enough last season to warrant consideration for the LT job.

The good thing with Martin is that he has fixable flaws and can make major strides with a good off-season plan. Martin can develop into a very good LT for the Dolphins, once he works on increasing his lower body strength and his ability to re-anchor versus power rushers.

If the vision of the Dolphin’s front office is to have Jonathan Martin at LT then drafting Lane Johnson at #12 to play RT is unnecessary. Miami may be better off maximizing the value of the #12 pick by passing on OT Lane Johnson and looking at another position of need. In this scenario the Dolphins will have to look for a RT later in the draft.

Of course if Eric Winston eventually signs with Miami, OT will no longer be a pressing need.

Alternatives at Right Tackle

Lane Johnson 6-06 303 35 1/4 28 34 1.61 4.72 1st
Terron Armstead 6-05 306 34 31 34.5 1.64 4.71 2nd
David Quessenberry 6-05 302 34 3/8 25 29.5 1.72 5.08 3rd
Brennan Williams 6-06 318 34 DNP DNP DNP DNP 4th
Ricky Wagner 6-06 308 34 20 31.5 1.77 5.17 5th
Braden Brown 6-05 310 34 1/4 26 28 1.74 5.20 6th
Vinston Painter 6-04 306 34 32 30.5 1.69 4.95 7th


My Favorite Alternative : David Quessenberry


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  • It’s not going to cost much more to trade up further and get one of the other OT’s. Oakland will be looking to trade down, they need picks.

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