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Pros and Cons – TE Tyler Eifert




Tyler Eifert has the best combination of height, speed and athletic ability in this TE draft class. He is a fluid pass catcher that has great body control and catching radius. Eifert is a TE that has good leaping ability and length. These attributes allows him to go up and compete for balls at its highest point, this is a trait that Dolphins receiving core lacks at the moment.

Last year’s 3rd rounder Michael Egnew is more of a “move” TE that can play in space as a hybrid TE/WR but struggles in-line as a blocker because of his lack of lower body strength, therefore he is not considered at this point to be an every down TE.

Free Agent pickup Dustin Keller was a solid signing but he is only contracted to a one year deal, drafting Tyler Eifert at #12 will secure the position and give the Dolphins a solid every down option at TE for years to come.

Eifert doesn’t have elite level speed at the position but has the athletic ability to line up in space as a receiver.

<spanstyle=”font-family: verdana, geneva;”>Eifert has improved a lot as a blocker last season and is now considered to be effective as an in-line TE on the line of scrimmage at the pro level.

Eifert should be able to contribute immediately as a safety valve for Tannehill, he will also be a much needed red-zone option and will give Mike Sherman an opportunity to be creative with multiple TE sets. Together with Dustin Keller they will be one of the best TE Duo’s in the NFL.




I think very highly of Tyler Eifert and there is no question he should be the first TE off the board, but I have my reservations with him at pick #12. Tyler is a great kid and an excellent pro level prospect, but at #12 there will possibly be elite level talent at other positions of need with very rare measurables and upside potential to be league dominating players.

So just how unique and rare is Tyler Eifert? I agree that Tyler Eifert is hands down the best TE in the draft “this year” and even though he won the John Mackey Award for most outstanding TE in college, IMO he was not the best TE in the nation last season, that honor belongs to the Washington Huskies TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins who will be a lock as a first round pick next year.

PLAYER HT WT 2012 REC 2012 YDS 2012 TDs
Tyler Eifert 6-06 250 50 685 4
Austin Seferian-Jenkins 6-06 266 69 852 7


Additionally, in the 2012 draft I graded TE Coby Fleener higher than I graded Eifert this year, and so did a lot of other analyst. Fleener is just as good if not slightly better as a prospect than Eifert is this year.

Fleener’s Pro Day results were also more impressive. He was faster, stronger and a more polished route runner. Yet Fleener was not drafted until the 2nd round. If Fleener was in the 2013 draft I would have him ranked equal to or higher than Tyler Eifert. How then can I justify drafting Tyler Eifert as high as #12, when I had Fleener rated as a late 1st to early 2nd rounder in 2012?

Tyler Eifert 6-06 250 33 1/8 9 1/8 22 35.5 9.92 6.92 1.66 4.68
Coby Fleener 6-06 247 33 3/8 10 27 37 9.67 7.02 1.56 4.51


In terms of need at the TE position, do the Dolphins absolutely need a TE in the draft this year? The answer is no. The Dolphins signed TE Dustin Keller to a 1-year deal and 3rd round pick Michael Egnew still needs a chance to show if he can develop into a serviceable player. Egnew, just like Jonathan Martin needs to develop lower body strength to be an effective 3-down player.

Eifert had a 2012 season where he caught 50 passes for 685 yards and 4 TDs. The bulk of this production came versus non-AP ranked teams where he tallied 507 yards and 3 TDS. Tyler’s only TD versus top ranked competition came versus Stanford in 2012.

In 2011 Tyler had a stellar season with 63 catches for 803 yards with 5 TDs, he had 194 yards versus AP ranked teams but failed to score a touchdown versus top level competition. Norte Dame rushing statistics weren’t eye popping either, but this is not due to Tyler Eifert alone, but the point is Tyler is not a game changing run blocker in the mold of Vernon Davis who was selected with the 6th over pick in 2006.

Tyler Eifert 6-06 250 22 35.5 9.92 6.92 1.66 4.68
Vernon Davis 6-03 254 33 42 10.67 7.00 1.51 4.38


In the NFL, for a TE to be great, they need to have a coaching staff that allows them to be great. TE production is as much scheme as it is talent, just ask Martellus Bennett about his experience in Dallas being under-utilized as a blocking TE, while Jason Witten got the all the looks.

When I study Mike Sherman’s use of TEs over his career, from his time with Green Bay and to his time with the Houston Texans in 2006 and 2007, up to his recent time spent with Texas A&M, it was evident that Sherman’s TEs don’t produce outlier league leading receptions and yardage numbers.

Bubba Franks a former 1st round pick at #14 overall by Green Bay averaged 36 receptions, 323 yards and 5 TDs over his six years with Mike Sherman. With his best numbers under Sherman being 54 receptions for 441 yards. Bubba was however, heavily utilized in the Red-Zone as a pass catching option and recorded 29 TDs over his first 6 years.

Additionally, Owen Daniels in Houston averaged 49 receptions, 560 yards, 4 TDs over his two years with Mike Sherman.

Sherman does utilize his TEs in the offense but nowhere on the scale of a Norv Turner, Sean Peyton and Bill Belichick. Sherman has been a very balanced and consistent offensive coordinator in his career, a very good season for a TE in Sherman’s offense might be 50 receptions 600 yards. So why then put a priority on drafting TE at #12 when we have Dustin Keller who can fulfill those needs? Is it because we need a Red Zone option?

Certainly we do need a Red Zone Scoring option, and it is true that Sherman does love to use his TEs in the Red-Zone. But there are situational prospects like Joseph Fauria from UCLA who has excelled in the Red-Zone. Fauria is not a very good blocker, but IMO he is the ultimate weapon in the Red Zone and he can be drafted several rounds later than Eifert. So why draft Tyler at #12?

Tyler Eifert 6-06 250 33 1/8 9 1/8 22 35.5 9.92 6.92 1.66 4.68
Joseph Fauria 6-07 259 33 3/4 10 7/8 17 35.5 10.00 7.49 1.71 4.72


PLAYER 2012 REC 2012 YDS 2012 TDs
Tyler Eifert 50 685 4
Joseph Fauria 46 637 12


Prospects with Eifert’s attributes are traditionally late 1st rounders and early 2nd rounders. There will be another Eifert available next year possibly in the late first round and early second round, that is just where prospects like him are drafted. But will there be a prospect like Ezekiel Ansah or Lane Johnson or Xavier Rhodes available next year in the late first round to early second round?

Eifert is a very good prospect but he isn’t a once in a lifetime TE, he just happens to be the best TE this year! So is that enough to require a selection at #12? If he is drafted at #12 only two TEs would have been drafted earlier in the last 17 years. Vernon Davis and Kellen Winslow.

Don’t get me wrong I love Eifert’s ability and I think he will be a great addition for any team, he is a solid prospect but there isn’t enough that I see that warrants the Miami Dolphins in selecting him at #12 above prospects at other positions who have very rare league dominating measurables and potential. Prospects who have attributes that will never see them slip out of the TOP 15. If Eifert is selected at #12 it won’t be a waste of a pick, but it just won’t be the most efficient use of the #12 pick. I will be ecstatic with Eifert in the late first or early second round.

If someone has Mike Sherman on speed dial and he has whispered in your ear that he intends to make Eifert a 80 reception, 1000 yard TE, then hell yea lets get him at #12. But in all the years that Sherman has been in coaching, a Tight-End of his has never come close to that.


Alternatives at Tight End

Tyler Eifert 6-06 250 33 1/8 9 1/8 22 35.5 9.92 6.92 4.68 1ST
Vance McDonald 6-04 267 34 3/8 10 1/8 31 33.5 9.92 7.08 4.69 3RD
Travis Kelce 6-05 255 33 3/4 9 5/8 DNP DNP DNP DNP DNP 4TH
Dion Sims 6-05 262 33 1/8 10 1/2 22 35 9.33 7.36 4.75 5TH
Joseph Fauria 6-07 259 33 3/4 10 7/8 17 35.5 10.00 7.49 4.72 6TH

My Favorite Alternative :
Vance McDonald / Travis Kelce

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  • Outstanding write-up Max. My gut feeling was that we could draft better at 12, and now I know why. Thanks!

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