• Tanny and Fins BEAT down the Texans Tanny and Fins BEAT down the Texans QB Tannehill sets an NFL completion record at 25 in a row as the Fins whip the Texans 44-26
  • Dan Campbell replaces Philbin Dan Campbell replaces Philbin TE coach Dan Campbell is named interim head coach after Joe Philbin is let go
  • Fins lose preseason game to Panthers 31-30 Fins lose preseason game to Panthers 31-30 However, the Dolphin starters were dominate and took a 14-0 lead before they were pulled
  • S Delmas lost for season S Delmas lost for season Louis Delmas tore is ACL in practice with the Panthers


Ranking the All-Time Dolphins by position part one – offense


Part one. Defense will follow.

This is an impossible task, and totally subjective which is what makes it both fun, and challenging. Some positions, like QB are easy; others like DE are brutally difficult.

The advantage I have in taking on a project like this is I’ve been a die-hard fan since Christmas Day 1971. I’ve seen almost every meaningful moment in franchise history. The disadvantage is I am old, and surely will forget someone I shouldn’t have. :)

Feel free to disagree, as I am using no specific formula, other then my perception of the player’s value to the team in the day he played. That being the case, a player like Larry Seiple could be in front of other punters who had a better average. Most positions I will list my top 3, unless I find it too unfair to do so, and no current day players will be included.

Here we go…

The obvious and far too easy position is QB.

  1. Dan Marino – Simply one of the best ever.
  2. Bob Griese – Very underrated QB who was as unselfish as they come. Hard to call a hallof famer underrated, but he is.
  3. Chad Pennington – One of the most accurate QB’s in history.

More difficult is backup QB, as we’ve had some very special backup Quarterbacks who played a significant role, both on and off the field.

  1. Earl Morrall — Without Earl there is no undefeated season. With all the talk of running QB’s today, I’m still shocked Earl had a 31 yard run at 38 years old. The funny thing is the players put an old wooden rocking chair in front of his locker.
  2. Don Strock had the pleasure of playing in the most exciting game I’ve ever seen in person. He was amazing against the Chargers in ’81, just amazing. He was also a great tutor to Marino.
  3. Jim Jensen – Jim “Crash” Jensen, nothing more needs to be said.


  1. Ricky Williams – He knew what beast mode meant.
  2. Mercury Morris – A speedster who was amazing at times.
  3. Tony Nathan – Not a great back, but his receiving skills were a great complement to the offense.
  4. Jim Kiick – See Nathan.


  1. Larry Csonka – He defined the franchise in the early 70’s. One of the toughest players ever to wear a Dolphins uniform.
  2. Keith Byars – Okay runner, better receiver.
  3. Woody Bennett – Solid enough to get the job done.
  4. Rob Konrad – (Honorable mention) Always admired his physical style of play, but never really realized his full potential.


  1. Jim Mandich – He claims the top spot more because of what he meant to the franchise then his numbers on the field. RIP Mad Dog.
  2. Joe Rose – Great hands, clutch player.
  3. Bruce Hardy – Never spectacular, but good enough to last 12 seasons.
  4. Ferrell Edmonds – At 6-6 254 he was a solid athlete. Injuries took their toll.


  1. Norm Evans – Steady, and consistent.
  2. Eric Laakso – Got the job done.
  3. Ron Heller – Nasty, and efficient.


  1. Larry Little – It’s not close.
  2. Ed Newman – Tough, and determined blocker.
  3. Harry Galbreath – Played 9 seasons in Miami.


  1. Dwight Stephenson – Maybe the best ever. I still hate Marty Lyons.
  2. Jim Langer – HOFer says it all.
  3. Tim Ruddy – Solid player, tough, durable.


  1. Bob Kuechenberg – Belongs in the HOF.
  2. Keith Sims – Smart, powerful, and determined blocker.
  3. Roy Foster – Protected Marino from ’83-’90.


  1. Richmond Webb
  2. Jon Giesler
  3. Doug Crusan


  1. Paul Warfield – poetry in motion.
  2. Mark Clayton – Tough as nails.
  3. Mark Duper – Fast as hell, and fearless. A rare combination.
  4. Nat Moore – Scored the first time he touched the ball.
  5. Duriel Harris – Had he had the chance to play with Marino in his prime he’d have been special.


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3 Responses to Ranking the All-Time Dolphins by position part one – offense

  • At TE not sure about Edmonds over Keith Jackson though Jackson only stayed 2 years.

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  • Difficult to do this, really depends on criteria, ie longevity vs talent. Warfield vs Duper and Clayton are a good example. I am glad you placed Warfield No 1. Some would argue Clayton because of years served but Warfield was clearly the best WR we ever had. He is the only first ballot hall of famer so that ends the discussion there as far as I am concerned. Jake Long vs Jon Giesler is interesting. Long was much better than Giesler but Long didn’t stay long (no pun intended). Thanks.


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    • I disqualified Long as although no longer with the Fins, he’s a current day player. You nailed my reasoning on the TE position. Jackson was more talented, but here for a very short time.

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Crash the Chargers!!
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