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  • Mario Williams signed Mario Williams signed DE Mario Williams signs a 2 years deal with the Fins
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Talent at receiver may already be there for Fins

WR Brandon Gibson is versatile enough to play different WR positions

WR Brandon Gibson is versatile enough to play different WR positions

The fact that we did not draft any receivers this year makes me think that Miami believes in the guys they currently have on their roster.

Wait you counter, “What about red zone targets?!?!? Wallace, Gibson, and Hartline are all under 6’2.” Well….

  • Brian Tyms is 6’3
  • Armon Binns is 6’3
  • Jeff Fuller is 6’4

Miami could very well already have their red zone threat on the roster.

I do not expect Miami to keep more than 5 active receivers on their roster. Especially with a guy like TE Dustin Keller, who is more of a receiving threat than a blocking threat.

So you have:


  • Wallace
  • Hartline
  • Gibson

Those guys are obviously locks. That leaves two spots.

Reports out of south Florida indicate that the coaching staff is high on last year’s draft pick Rishard Matthews, and I think he has a shot to make the team. I also read that the Fins are VERY high on Armon Binns and want to give him a chance to prove himself.

Either way, coach Philbin has had success developing talent at thereceiverpositioninGreen Bay. I want to see if he can develop a guy like Matthews or Binns in Miami.Keep in mind that the receiver position is usually the slowest position to develop in the NFL. Hence you have to give some talent a chance to develop. Just my opinion, but Philbin could be waiting for some of these receivers to begin to rise up.All in all, we may not be as bad off at the receiver position as some fans think we are.

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James Lancaster

James Lancaster

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3 Responses to Talent at receiver may already be there for Fins

  • I would find it hard to believe that we wouldn’t keep 6 WR’s IF that many step up. They went 3 and 4 wide many times. Keller is a legit option now but he is the only TE we know will be there that can be a threat. Maybe Egnew but that is a big IF so i would expect ALOT of 3 wide and 4 wide sets. Tough to keep only 5 given injuries if you play that many. I really hope Tyms or Fuller step up and force them to keep 6. I’m sick of carrying so many TE’s becaue the ones we have are so limited. How can an offense be explosive when you carry as many TE’s as you do WR’s?

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    • James Lancaster

      The Fins will most likely keep 3 TEs. Keller and Sims are obvious. I think they let Egnew and Clay battle it out.

      But I think the number of WRs they keep is more dependent on the number of linemen they keep…not the number of TEs.

      Could they keep 6 WRs? Possibly….I would not rule it out.

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  • I noticed the Dolphins also hit the UDFA market pretty hard for WR. So that would be poetic if an UDFA replaced Bess.

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Crash the Chargers!!
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