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Tannehill must regain his confidence

We’re a little over a week away from the NFL draft, and while Dennis Hickey will have his hands full trying to find ways to improve the overall roster, the key to this season is already a part of it. Ryan Tannehill.

Ryan Tannehill

The Dolphins, as everyone knows, were in great position to make the playoffs last season, and fell flat on their rear ends in the last two weeks losing to both the Bills, and Jets.

The defense did not play its best football as stopping the run continued to be a challenge. But, the offense did not put the defense in position to win. You can win with a defense that gives up some ground yardage provided you have an offense that can move the ball. Those 3 and outs kill you when the other team can out ball control you. Both the Bills, and Jets did exactly that.

The real issue, the real reason we lost was the ineffectiveness of #17, and his surrounding cast.

Let’s take a quick look at the Buffalo game by series. Keep in mind their defense is very good, but not great and should not be confused with the ’85 Bears, or even the ’13 Seahawks. On the season Buffalo surrendered 4.9 yards per play. Miami 5.2. (Seattle at 4.4 led the league)

Drive Plays Length Yards Result
1. 3 1:59 0 Punt
2. 5 2:54 7 Punt
3. 3 1:04 6 Punt
4. 3 1:05 -3 Punt
5. 3 2:45 -1 Punt
6. 10 5:26 31 Punt
7. 3 :43 6 Punt
8. 3 1:34 -5 Punt
9. 5 2:19 11 Punt
10. 4 1:30 42 INT (Moore)
11. 3 :32 0 Punt
12. 4 :57 -8 Downs
13. 3 :41 3 INT (Moore)

Ryan Tannehill was just 10 of 27 for 82 yards.
Matt Moore was just 2 of 6 for 53 yards.

The Bills wore down Miami, and you can see why very simply by looking at time of possession. The offense cannot win punting on 10 of its first 11 tries.

It’s during games like this your QB has to get it figured out. Roll out, run a draw, flood a zone, dump off to a back, do something to get the defense off balance to give your players a chance. This is one area Tannehill has to show the most improvement. Grabbing the opponent by the throat and not letting go until they perish.

Every defense has a weakness. The great QB’s are the guys who figure them out, and keep applying pressure until the defense is forced to change things up. Miami had two things working against them, the offensive coordinator was not adept at making in game adjustments, and the offensive line was man handled most of the day. That said, it doesn’t excuse Tannehill from not being more successful then those drive recaps show. He’s got to make a play to turn momentum during games like these. That’s the only way to avoid a blowout when things do not go as planned.

He’s got to exude confidence until his teammates are dripping it. Yes, the line made his job tougher then normal, but his play was not much better. According to Pro Football Focus, he was able to drop back 16 times without pressure and completed just 6 of those passes. His completion percentage was almost identical with, or without pressure. He did not fare well when blitzed completing only 2 of 8 passes. His completion percentage for the game was 37%. That’s just not good enough even under adverse conditions.

This game was so one sided I truly believe this team was beaten before the Jet game ever kicked off. The team and QB lost confidence in each other.

Ryan Tannehill has got to do his best to learn quickly from games like these. Watch film and understand what teams are doing to attack the offense. This clearly did not happen at the tail end of last season. He’s had all offseason, and now into OTA’s to get it sorted out, and regain his confidence, as well as his players confidence in him. This season will hinge on it. It’s the growing pains of a young QB. This is the season he needs to grow up.

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4 Responses to Tannehill must regain his confidence

  • Wtiger It’s “you’re” a dumb ass.If you’re going to make stupid comments calling people names who you do not even know, at least don’t make yourself look like an idiot in the process. Thanks for reading.

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  • You a dumbass. We have a good quarterback who will become a great quarterback once he has a better Offense Line.

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  • Can you also provide the winning lottery numbers please? 😛 Nobody knows how Tannehill will take to Lazor’s new offense, or just how good the offensive line will be. Tannehill has flaws, sure. But, be cautious when judging his performance to date. His situation has been far from ideal. Henne and Tannehill are very different QB’s. Henne opted for dinks, and dunks when there were plays to be made down field. Tannehill holds the ball too long trying to hit passes down field. Tannehill is the superior player. Will he be the answer? Only time will tell.

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  • It is not going to happen people. This is the exact thing that happen with Chad Henne. Chad Henne did a better job in his rookie season then he did in his second season. Then in his third season he continued to regress, No qb who is going to be a starter regresses in their second season and continues in their third season. If Phlbin and Hickey have a true qb competition this offseason, then we won’t have to relive the Henne saga through Tannehill this upcoming season. The Jet, Bills and Patriots are all going to be for real this season. However, if we have someone who can throw the deep ball, then we have a chance to be 4-0 by the bye week vs o-4 with the Tannehill experiment.

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