• Welcome to Miami Mr. Parker Welcome to Miami Mr. Parker Fins select WR DeVante Parker with the 1st pick of the 2015 draft
  • Dion Jordan suspended 2015 season Dion Jordan suspended 2015 season Media reports a third failed drug test, resulting in a year long suspension for Jordan
  • WR Greg Jennings a Fin WR Greg Jennings a Fin Jennings deal is reportedly a 2 year deal worth $8 million
  • OC Mike Pouncey signs contract extension OC Mike Pouncey signs contract extension Reports say the deal is a 5 year deal worth 44.75 million with 22 million guaranteed


Draft Thoughts and Grades

Let me start out by saying I just do not study the college game the way I do the NFL. They’re not the same. You can accomplish things in college that is difficult to replicate in the Pros.

With that out of the way, I’ll give you an opinion based on the information readily available, and where applicable give an opinion or two as to what the team may have been thinking.

Round one. WR DeVante Parker

We lost Wallace, Hartline, and Gibson. We signed Stills, and Greg Jennings.

This pick screams of sound logic. Jennings is the ultimate pro. But, clearly he is in decline. That said, think of the things he can teach DeVante. Think of how he can help him to understand how to be a pro.

Speaking of being a pro, there is some risk with Stills. He was feuding with Payton, and Brees at various points last year, and has to learn as well what it takes to be a pro. But, back to Parker…

He gives us a legit all around receiver. Maybe the best we’ve had since the Marks brothers, and I believe his ceiling can potentially be higher. He’s excelled with a number of quarterbacks in college and you know that has to be something that struck Hickey’s interest.

This kid, by every indication is the real deal. Love the pick, and he was 2nd on my wish list behind Todd Gurley who would have been a bigger risk.

My grade A

Miami then traded down in the 2nd round as follows. Miami traded the 47th and 191st picks to the Eagles for the 52nd, 145th and 156th picks.

Miami entered the draft with only 6 picks, a 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 6th. They ended up with a 1st 2nd, 4th, and 4 5ths. I’d give the deal a B because the team wanted to acquire more picks, and not only did, but also swapped a 6th for a 5th.

Round two. DT Jordan Phillips

My belief is the run on potential starting linebackers came swiftly in the 2nd round, and Miami was in a difficult position. If you take the stance maybe they didn’t love Perryman (They worked him out in Davie), or they were a bit surprised by the Chargers selecting him then you can understand what they did.

Phillips is a mammoth of a man. A powerful defensive tackle who needs to develop a consistent motor. He’ll do that quickly in the NFL or he won’t be around long. People will claim DT is a deep position, and it is. But, Mitchell did not last with his former team, and was exposed against the run last season.

Behind him we have multiple UFA’s, but they are depth, and should remain as such.

Phillips lined up next to Suh is downright scary. I am very much looking forward to seeing Brady’s reaction on the field. Can you say fetal position? The Bills and Jets both like to run. It makes sense. No longer will teams be able to gouge the middle of our defense. I suspect Mitchell might rotate in for passing situations.

You win up front, and I might be in the minority but I love the pick seeing as the best LBers were gone. I am sure Miami went into this pick thinking who is the best front 7 player that helps us stop the run? The answer was Phillips.

Grade B– Only because there is some risk with this kid. He played after the back surgery and I am sure they’ve done their homework here. If they get him to self motivate then this is quickly changed to an A.

As we entered the 4th round I expected a guard to go, and slowly they were going to other teams. I mentioned that the men who were drafted were not very agile. Something our scheme demands of our lineman.

Round four OG Jamil Douglas

Douglas is versatile, another important trait among today’s lineman. He’s played both T and G. He’s agile, and durable. He will compete for the LG position, and I think it is his to lose.

Grade A – Great scheme fit, and a pretty decent player today. He’ll only get better with time.

Round 5:

CB Bobby McCain – Similar in size to Brent Grimes is Bobby. He’s also a slot corner who is a strong tackler, aggressive, and knows how to get where he needs to go. Struggles with his back to the ball, but that is usually due to poor technique and can be corrected with good coaching and reps.

While this may in fact turn into a fine player, I personally prefer larger corners. That said, its round 5 and that is why this kid was still there.

Grade B

RB Jay Ajayi – YES! This kid is the real deal, and fills a major need. We now have a power back to rotate with Miller. This is your ideal 3rd down back, and that is something we sorely lacked. Knee concerns caused his fall, but he’s been very productive on those knees.

Grade A+

Ced Thompson S – 6’0 athletic safety who runs a 4.48 40. Good effort player who is a leader type personality. Needs some refinement in the run game, but tackles well. With injury questions surrounding Delmas, and Thomas he could see the field sooner then expected and provides the team some insurance.

May need a little time to learn the nuances of the position, but seems to have the raw skills to be a productive player in time.

Grade C+

CR/WR Tony Lippett – Miami projects Tony as a defensive back, a position he played as a freshman. Some compare him to Richard Sherman. Not sure I see that ceiling, but here is what one scout says.

“I heard one scout say he has hawk awareness. He can pick the ball up at the blink of an eye and determine where it’s going and pick it,” Dantonio said. “I really think today opened a lot of people’s eyes.”

Two-way players in the NFL are awfully rare, but if a club were to employ Lippett with a role on both sides of the ball, even as a reserve, it would provide a unique option when it comes to substitution situations and, perhaps even more importantly, flexibility in case of injury. That from NFL.COM.

It’s an interesting pick. Grade B.

Overall Grade B+
Miami stuck to their guns, got a few play makers on offense, and some physicality on defense. Your goal going into a draft is to come away with 3 players who are high contributors and I think Miami has done that and possibly more.

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19 players in the draft I would like to see in a Dolphins uniform….

Before I list the players, and others add their favorites to the list, here are a few “conditions/caveats” I considered when parring down the list:

(1) Does the player have a reasonable chance to be there when Miami picks? (ex. No Winston, Leonard Williams, Fowler, etc)

(2) Would Miami choose the player OR would selecting him make Philbin “queasy”? (No DGB, Marcus Peters, Dawson, etc)

(3) Does he play a “position of need” for the Dolphins?

(4) Would they be an upgrade/challenge for time on the 53 man roster? (Coyle HATES playing rookies so defensive rookies definitely have to be a BPA at the time.)


Okay folks! With that said, here are the Top 18 players I would be happy to see in a Dolphins uniform by the end of the draft:

(19) Ben Koyack (TE) — Is TE a “position of need”? Maybe/maybe not. Would want him in 5th/6th but wouldn’t take him earlier than 4th round. In a Miami offense that uses frequent 2-TE sets, I am not happy with the depth behind Cameron and Sims ESPECIALLY with Cameron’s concussion history. From what I hear, Koyack is a better blocker than Clay but not the caliber of receiver (inconsistent hands). However, at 6-5, I like his potential in the red zone.

(18) Stefon Diggs (WR) — Rising up draft boards. Tough/gritty WR with return skill/experience. Not the most gifted or athletic WR in the class but if he’s there in the 4th/5th round, I want him.

(17) Stephen Nelson CB) — A potential starting Cornerback that is 18th because he may need to be drafted higher than he deserves. Can be good if he learns how to cover without grabbing. Right now, he’s a walking PI Penalty.

(16) Clive Walford (TE)– All around great TE but #17, and barely makes the list, because TE isn’t considered a big area of need. Would challenge Sims as #2 TE once he acclimates to speed of the NFL game. Probably goes in the second and Miami has more pressing needs.

(15) Ipo Ekpre-Olomu (CB) — He’s short AND injured (sounds like a Dolphins pick to me!) but the guy was a total playmaker at Oregon. Before his injury, he was once considered the top DB coming out in the draft.

(14) Malcolm Brown (RB) — He is actually higher on my “man crush” list but listed him lower because he shouldn’t be drafted before Round 5 or 6. HARD runner that Nolan Nawrocki specifically states “can close out games and be effective in 4-minute offensive situations. Strong work habits.”

(13) Tre Jackson (G) — One of only two offensive lineman on my list that is considered purely a Guard. Doesn’t really fit Miami’s “finesse” blocking scheme but I want the next “Richie Incognito” WITHOUT the off-field ‘meathead’ attitude.

(12) Quentin Rollins (CB/S) — REALLY like Rollins because he finds the ball BUT he has only played football for 1 year and Coyle probably wouldn’t trust him.

(11) Ali Marpet (G/C) — The “small school DARLING” of the Combine. Comes in this high because he plays, arguably, the biggest position of need on the team. He is also the athletic guard that Philbin/Lazor covet. Comes in this low because he went to Hobart College and Miami doesn’t have a good history with small school OL.

(10) Byron Jones (CB) — The other “workout warrior” on his list. He has the size, fluidity and skills to be our #2 corner. Lower on the list because, if he was THAT special, you would have heard about him before the Combine.

(9) Denzel Perryman (ILB) — A local favorite that has most of the “intangible” traits you are looking for in a MLB but much better at the run than coverage.

(8) Ereck Flowers (OT/OG) — Doesn’t have the physical tools of my Top 2 OLineman but he has the “dog” you look for in a player. Listed in draft guides as LT but limited athleticism probably makes Guard his best position. Only worth a 1st rounder if we trade back.

(7) Melvin Gordon (RB) — Great back that had the single game rushing record for a week. Vision is considered great and well built. This low because I am leery of Nebraska RBs (see Ron Dayne), would require a 1st round pick and RB isn’t even in our Top 3 needs.

(6) Nelson Agholor (WR) — Wide catch radius that would help make Tannehill look better. Concerned about his durability.

(5) Todd Gurley (RB) — Just like in my mock draft, I wanted to put him higher because he is considered a special athlete and once-in-a-decade RB BUT injury history and higher priorities push him to #5.

(4) Devante Parker (WR) — Has all the tools you look for in a WR. After Miami’s past experience with WRs with “attitude”, reading that Parker is a “bit of a prima dona” soured me on his stock. His talent makes him a Top 3 player on my board but maturity issues push him to 4.

(3) La’el Collins (OT/OG) — Beginning to trend as a popular pick in Dolphins circles. To me, best position appears to be Right Tackle (so not an area of need) BUT probably can kick into Guard. This high because of uncertainty with Albert.

(2) Eric Kendricks (ILB) — Best ILB in the draft. Has the instincts to play the run and the athleticism to cover. Probably would be #1 but ILB isn’t the biggest need (and Philbin/Coyle have a ‘hard on’ for Misi).

(1) Andrus Peat (OT/OG) — Peat is the best LT in the class and I believe he can also kick into the Guard spot in the NFL. I want Peat because I believe he improves our Guard play for a couple years and then becomes our LT of the future.

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Mock Draft 1.0

Less than 24 days till the 2015 NFL Draft and I have been asked to create my mock draft for you here. I compiled my picks based on what I have heard/read in regards to each of the 30 teams. (Seattle and Buffalo don’t have 1st round picks this year.) Several players slid much lower than they actually will go BUT I took each pick individually and it just turned out that way.

[This edition does not allow any draft day trades.]

So, without further fanfare, here is Mock Draft 1.0:

1. Tampa Bay — Jameis Winston (QB)

No surprise here! I am personally not a big fan of Winston but he is generally considered the best QB in this year’s draft and Tampa’s pick.

2. Tennessee — Leonard Williams (DE/DT)

I believe that the staff talking up Mariota is an attempt to create interest at #2. Ultimately, though, Titans take Williams and plug him into the 3-4 at DE.

3. Jacksonville — Dante Fowler Jr (OLB)

Not very original but this pick just makes too much sense here. Local kid and a pass rushing machine.

4. Oakland — Kevin White (WR)

My ‘gut’ told me to choose Vic Beasley here (even had his name and erased it) since the Raiders only had 22 sacks last year. BUT the Raiders have a young QB and NO real weapons to throw too. I believe the Davis family’s love of SPEED makes White the pick over Cooper.

5. Washington — Vic Beasley (DE/OLB)

Pretty much more ‘chalk’ through five picks. Washington likes Beasley.

6. New Jersey Jets — Bud Dupree (OLB)

I REALLY hated making this pick! While Mariota is a ‘trendy’ pick here, Bowles will continue to build the Jets defense and Dupree makes this a NASTY front seven.

7. Chicago — Danny Shelton (NT)

Here is where things got fun because I felt comfortable deviating from the ‘experts’ mock drafts. While Cooper would make sense here, Chicago needs a NT and Shelton is considered the best of the bunch.

8. Atlanta — Shane Ray (DE/OLB)

Wanted to go OL here but the way the board fell, and a need for a pass rusher, has Ray falling into the Falcons lap. I am leery of Missouri defenders but he is highly regarded.

9. New Jersey Giants — Arik Armstead (DE/DT)

Tempted to put Randy Gregory here but, like a few other teams in the Top 10, his drug history scares away the Giants. Armstead is a ‘force’ on a DLine that needs it.

10. St Louis — Amari Cooper (WR)

If Cooper didn’t fall, Brandon Scherff would have been the pick here. The OL is dreadful and Scherff would be the SMARTER pick but Cooper is the better value.

11. Minnesota — D.J. Humphries (OT)

Minnesota needs OLine help and Humphries is the best LT in the draft. Trae Waynes was also a consideration but I think Humphries is a bigger need.

12. Cleveland — Devante Parker (WR)

I would like Parker to come to Miami so it pained me to give him to Cleveland. I KNOW that Marcus Mariota is still on the board; I just don’t think Cleveland will go QB in the first round twice in a row. Also, only Oakland needs WR help MORE than Cleveland.

13. New Orleans — Brandon Scherff (OT/OG)

Again, I had a name slotted here and erased it. Randy Gregory would be a big help for New Orleans but a 36 yr old Brees needs to be kept as clean as possible so I chose the top rated OG in the draft.

14. Miami — Benardrick McKinney (ILB)

VERY tough choice! I wanted to pick Todd Gurley BAD but I think McKinney is the best combo of BPA/Need at 14.

15. San Francisco — Randy Gregory (DE/OLB)

You’re welcome SF! Gregory is BPA and it’s not even CLOSE! With the slew of retirements on D this offseason, Gregory gives a much needed boost.

16. Houston — Marcus Mariota (QB)

Mariota will not fall to 16 but, if he DID, Houston would be CRAZY not to select him.

17. San Diego — Todd Gurley (RB)

Not really out-of-the-box. The pick here MAY be Gordon (if SD is ‘gun shy’ from the Ryan Mathews days) but Gurley’s knee appears to be fine so RB is selected in the 1st round for the first time since 2012.

18. Kansas City — La’el Collins (OT)

I can find NOBODY that doesn’t think that KC’s primary need isn’t OL. Collins and Fisher will battle it out for the two tackle positions.

19. Cleveland — Malcolm Brown (DT)

Cleveland addressed WR with their first pick so they address their next biggest need here. Nobody in the NFL allowed more yards per game rushing than Cleveland so they address that issue with a big Longhorn.

20. Philadelphia — Trae Waynes (CB)

Even with the addition of Maxwell, Philly needs a corner and Waynes is considered the best in this draft.

21. Cinncinati — Andrus Peat (OT)

With Bengals needing OL help, I will trust the “experts” out there that think Cincy would choose Peat over T.J. Clemmings. Erick Flowers is also a consideration here but too much of a project to take here.

22. Pittsburgh — Landon Collins (SS)

Steelers need Polamalu’s replacement and happen to land the top/only first round Safety in the draft.

23. Detroit — Eddie Goldman (DT)

Maybe a little bit of a reach but Detroit lost both DTs this offseason and Ngata isn’t a long-term solution. Goldman is big and can help fill the void in the middle.

24. Arizona — Melvin Gordon (RB)

With Bowles moving on, I don’t know what will happen with Arizona’s D but I believe the addition of Gordon could help take pressure off Palmer as he returns from injury (and he isn’t getting any younger.)

25. Carolina — T.J. Clemmings (OT)

With only one OT remaining with a REAL first round grade, Carolina is happy that Clemmings falls to them here. Newton will appreciate this pick as well.

26. Baltimore — Jalen Collins (CB)

The ‘in vogue’ pick is to put a WR here but WR is a deep group this year and Collins would help the most.

27. Dallas — Michael Bennett (DT)

Dallas has a history of going “off the board” with their first round pick so Cowboys fans brace themselves for the selection of Bennett. Not the highest rated DT left on the board but he is just what Dallas needs on the DLine.

28. Denver — Erick Flowers (OT/OG)

Sorry Broncos fans (although not many are going to read this)! Denver needs help to protect Manning BADLY so they reach for Flowers, who sneaks into the first round based on need instead of talent. He will be a Guard at the NFL level.

29. Indianapolis — Cameron Erving (C)

This late in the first round I decided to pick with my head and not with the ‘experts’. Most mocks have Indy looking defense and I almost put Eric Kendericks here but the Colts currently have an UDFA hiking the ball to Luck and Erving would make this a much better line.

30. Green Bay — Marcus Peters (CB)

Tempted to go with Jordan Phillips here but GB could use help at DB and has the right culture/veteran leadership to put Peters in his place. On the field, Peters is an tremendously talented Corner.

31. New Orleans — Eli Harold (OLB)

While this is another place Phillips could fall, Harold is a great fit for 3-4 Saints defense.

32. New England — Jaelen Strong (WR)

The rich get richer! B&B have never been big believers in the need for a speedy WR so I eliminated Breshard Perriman and Phillip Dorsett and went with the red zone nightmare that is the 6’2″ Strong.

There it is folks! I will prepare overnight for all the critics who think I royally screwed this up… LOL

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This just might work!

For all the sh..tuff that us Dolphins fans have had to complain about during/after the season (and it’s an impressive amount of stuff) I think I can try and get behind this Tannebaum thing after all.

I know that I was one of the first to blast Ross for this signing BUT, if you get past the way it was originally presented, this just MIGHT be a good move long term.

Ross has made him VP of Football Operations and, regardless of your personal thoughts about his GM tenure, Tannebaum IS a football ‘lifer’. Hasn’t our biggest gripe about Ross is that he was making football decisions without (a) being here half the time and (b) not knowing anything about football? Well here is Tannebaum who will NOT be making personnel decisions (which experts and even HE admits is not his forte). His responsibility is to oversee the team’s objectives, strategies and goals while Ross is off doing what he likes/knows best.

I KNOW that we don’t think much of Tannebaum.
I KNOW that this organizational structure is REALLY STUPID!

BUT, what if a year from now, WHEN the Dolphins fail in 2015 (and with Philbin coaching don’t most of us think this WILL happen?) maybe Tannebaum is FINALLY given control over hiring the new GM and HC? Wouldn’t that makes us a more ‘stable’ organization?

For as poorly as this was presented, this just MIGHT be the first positive thing that happens this offseason….wouldn’t that be a start?

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“Queasy Joe” strikes again!

For all the mistakes the Dolphins team made on this day, the biggest reason again appears to be Joe Philbin.

Tannehill’s red zone INT
Daniel Thomas fumble
Missing wide open Wallace for TD
Dropped TD by Clay

After ALL of that, Miami STILL led 16-13 with 3:34 to play. Philbin proceeds to call two run plays that gain 5 yards and showed that, once again, he didn’t trust his QB to win/ice the game.

After the GB game, Philbin expressed regret, and made the infamous “queasy” comment, and we all thought he learned his lesson. GUESS NOT! With the game on the line, and an OL that hadn’t produced a decent running game all day, Philbin put the game in the hands of the Miami D that has proven time-and-time-again that it simply isn’t “clutch”. Miami STILL hasn’t won a game by less than double digits and its last two losses have been because the D (so heralded all year) can’t get a stop when it mattered.

Other things Philbin continues to do that makes US/fans queasy:

ANOTHER slow start by the team. ONE YARD of total offense in the first quarter? Really?!

Allowing team to get beat on fake punt.

Timeouts used on defense in the final minutes of a game….AGAIN!

Where did the ‘read option’ plays (the CATALYST for the offense the last few weeks) go during this game?

If Ross isn’t tearing his hair out watching the way Philbin is coaching this team then maybe some fans need to pull it out FOR HIM?!

“If you accept mediocrity from your coaches, you will get mediocrity from your players.”–Me, 2014

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