• Fins bring WR Crabtree in for visit Fins bring WR Crabtree in for visit Team also looking to visit with Greg Jennings
  • TE Clay signs with the Bills TE Clay signs with the Bills A 5 year deal worth $38 million with $20 million guaranteed...Fins declined to match
  • WR Wallace traded to the Vikings WR Wallace traded to the Vikings Fins send Wallace and a 7th round pick to Viks for a 5th rounder
  • TE Jordon Cameron signed TE Jordon Cameron signed Reported a 2 year, $15 million deal


This just might work!

For all the sh..tuff that us Dolphins fans have had to complain about during/after the season (and it’s an impressive amount of stuff) I think I can try and get behind this Tannebaum thing after all.

I know that I was one of the first to blast Ross for this signing BUT, if you get past the way it was originally presented, this just MIGHT be a good move long term.

Ross has made him VP of Football Operations and, regardless of your personal thoughts about his GM tenure, Tannebaum IS a football ‘lifer’. Hasn’t our biggest gripe about Ross is that he was making football decisions without (a) being here half the time and (b) not knowing anything about football? Well here is Tannebaum who will NOT be making personnel decisions (which experts and even HE admits is not his forte). His responsibility is to oversee the team’s objectives, strategies and goals while Ross is off doing what he likes/knows best.

I KNOW that we don’t think much of Tannebaum.
I KNOW that this organizational structure is REALLY STUPID!

BUT, what if a year from now, WHEN the Dolphins fail in 2015 (and with Philbin coaching don’t most of us think this WILL happen?) maybe Tannebaum is FINALLY given control over hiring the new GM and HC? Wouldn’t that makes us a more ‘stable’ organization?

For as poorly as this was presented, this just MIGHT be the first positive thing that happens this offseason….wouldn’t that be a start?

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“Queasy Joe” strikes again!

For all the mistakes the Dolphins team made on this day, the biggest reason again appears to be Joe Philbin.

Tannehill’s red zone INT
Daniel Thomas fumble
Missing wide open Wallace for TD
Dropped TD by Clay

After ALL of that, Miami STILL led 16-13 with 3:34 to play. Philbin proceeds to call two run plays that gain 5 yards and showed that, once again, he didn’t trust his QB to win/ice the game.

After the GB game, Philbin expressed regret, and made the infamous “queasy” comment, and we all thought he learned his lesson. GUESS NOT! With the game on the line, and an OL that hadn’t produced a decent running game all day, Philbin put the game in the hands of the Miami D that has proven time-and-time-again that it simply isn’t “clutch”. Miami STILL hasn’t won a game by less than double digits and its last two losses have been because the D (so heralded all year) can’t get a stop when it mattered.

Other things Philbin continues to do that makes US/fans queasy:

ANOTHER slow start by the team. ONE YARD of total offense in the first quarter? Really?!

Allowing team to get beat on fake punt.

Timeouts used on defense in the final minutes of a game….AGAIN!

Where did the ‘read option’ plays (the CATALYST for the offense the last few weeks) go during this game?

If Ross isn’t tearing his hair out watching the way Philbin is coaching this team then maybe some fans need to pull it out FOR HIM?!

“If you accept mediocrity from your coaches, you will get mediocrity from your players.”–Me, 2014

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The Early Cuts are in for the Dolphins – Marino is Back – Final Thoughts

The Dolphins have waived:

WR Armon Binns – Injuries, and competition hurt his chances to stick.

WR Ryan Spadola – Nice grab in the Dallas game, but too little, too late.

OT Cory Grissom  — Camp Body who never really impressed.

C Tyler Larsen – Not yet ready for the NFL.

DE Rakim Cox – Didn’t flash enough to stick in a position that is deep.

CB Steven Clark – Camp body.

QB Brady Quinn – I never got the impression he had a shot.

TE Brett Bracket – Great story, hope he makes the practice squad.

The Dolphins have placed on IR:

RB Mike Gillislee – A luxury as the position is now looking deeper then expected.

TE Arthur Lynch – A project for the future if he catches up technically.

DT A.J. Francis – A.J. has nine lives.

Time To Close The Preseason.

It’s almost time for the fourth pre-season game. (Thursday, 7pm) Most fans just look forward for this game to end, and the regular season to begin. For some of the younger players this is the Super Bowl. It’s their final chance to impact the coaches decisions come cut down day as they trim the roster to 53 rostered players, and 10 practice squaders. For the veterans, much like the fans they want to get their work in, and escape as quickly as possible healthy.

Pay particular attention to special teams because if a roster spot is up in the air, the better player on special teams will in most cases be awarded it.

Some tough decisions will have to be made. Will Philbin really consider keeping 6 receivers, or 5 running backs? Is Shelly Smith going to cement his place as starting guard? Will Darkwa, or Williams stick, or will both? A case can be made for either player. These are the tough decisions that face the coaching staff.

What about Kicker? Will Sturgis be ready? Will the team carry two kickers on the active roster? So many difficult decisions await, but be sure most are already determined barring a breakout performance by someone Thursday night.

Marino is back

For years the Dolphins have tried to lure the ex QB, and current Hall Of Famer back into the fold. They’ve had moderate success using Dan in an unofficial capacity, but now it is official. Dan Marino will officially be an advisor for the club. What exactly that will entail nobody has said, all we hear is speculation.

Whatever it entails, you have to feel this will be Dan’s stepping stone into bigger and better things.

Final Thoughts

I know Miami’s offense has struggled getting into the end-zone aside from the first drive of the pre-season, but I am much impressed with the overall development of the offense. The offensive line looks like they’re coming together in a fairly quick fashion. There may yet be a bump in the road on the right side, but that is to be expected. This line appears to be improved over last year’s group already, and it’s only game 3 of the pre-season. Get this, against Dallas, Miami amassed 200 yards rushing, and 10 rushing first downs. The line allowed only one sack for -1 yard. Yes, they look much improved over the struggling group that ended the season.

I suggest tempering expectations because Dallas is not currently known for their defensive prowess, but how can you not be satisfied with that effort?

The questions I have still surround the quarterback, Ryan Tannehill. While you can see improvement in the quickness he is delivering the football, he still has yet to prove he can be a legitimate force inside the red-zone. Hopefully for Tannehill, Lazor has a remedy for what ails him, and the offensive’s lack of big plays in close. That said, Tannehill had a pretty flawless preseason until his final throw, which was intercepted inside Dallas’s 10 yard line.

Knowshon Moreno was a move I was pretty much soured on initially, especially once he arrived a bit out of shape, but you’ve got to be encouraged with the way he contributed against the Cowboys. He was running with authority, picking up blitzes, and looked in mid-season form.

On defense, Miami still has questions especially at LB, but they’ve had a pretty solid preseason from a points allowed standpoint. Only six teams have surrendered less then Miami’s 50.

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Why Tampa Is More Critical Then Game 3 For The Dolphins

There are still many questions left to be answered in both the starting units, and the key reserve roles. Game 3 you want to get your starters generally a series into the second half which means after this game you want to know who your starters are going to be come September 7th.

There’s still some doubt in many areas of the team. We’ll look at some of those here.

The other thing you’ll want to see is consistency from Ryan Tannehill. That doesn’t mean a repeat performance, but he needs to show he can continue to move the offense against a better defense then he faced last week. You’ll also want to see the defense come out and tackle better, and be more disciplined penalty-wise.

The line will work itself out, and there is little reason to think Satele will not win the center job, but someone at RG needs to stand out. Jason Fox at back up tackle needs to improve, or his roster spot could be in jeopardy.

We need to continue to see Jarvis Landry, and Marcus Thigpen return kicks, and punts. You also need to see if Thigpen can excel from the receiver position to secure a spot on the final 53.

Who is going to prove they belong in the logjam of Tight ends? Sims would appear to be a lock to start in place of Clay, but who is #3? Will it be Kyle Miller? Brett Brackett? Arthur Lynch? Herald Hoskins, or Michael Egnew?

Will Phillip Wheeler have a better game then he did last Friday against Atlanta? Or will Miami finally ease Jordan, or Jenkins into the role? If not, does Freeny earn additional playing time? Does McCain?

The slot positions on both sides of the ball seem to be in question. On offense, will Landry beat out Gibson? Or will Matthews rise up and make a case to take that spot? Both Gibson, and Matthews looked good for the short time they played last week. Landry looked better returning kicks then he did from the receiver position. It’s nothing to be too alarmed about as he should be a lock to make the final 53.

On defense, with Jones being out it is forcing Miami to move Jimmy Wilson from the slot CB position back to safety. This opens up the slot position for grabs. During this past week the team has inserted Finnegan, but it should be noted he struggled in the slot while playing for the Rams. It’ll be interesting to see if he can continue his solid camp inside. If not, Jamar Taylor, or Will Davis are waiting in the wings. Speaking of Wilson, who is backing him up? This team is not deep at the safety position. Could Michael Thomas, or Don Jones be counted on if forced to play? Can Kovacs get into the mix? Can Aikens?

How about backup QB? Can Quinn move the team or can Matt Moore get back onto the field and fight for his job? Can Labato improve over a dismal game he had last week? Will he even get the chance if Moore can play?

At RB Lamar seems to be almost assured of holding onto his #1 position, but what is going to happen behind him? How serious was Damien Williams injury? Will Mike Gillislee show something that makes you think he can play at this level?

So yes, with all the injuries, and suspensions the Dolphins have a great number of uncertainties going into week 2 of the preseason, and getting the right answers is critical going into next weeks game.

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2014 Dolphin Offseason Recap & Grade

It’s always tough to matter of factly suggest a recent move is a success, or failure. That said, this team had issues it had to prioritize this past offseason. I felt Dennis Hickey did an admirable job of addressing most of them as we’ll illustrate below.

Let’s start with Miami’s biggest problem area of 2013. The offensive line, which strangely enough, got bullied the last two games of the season.

Miami went into free agency with one BIG red target and that was Brandon Albert. Miami was unsuccessful in working a deal with the Chiefs in early 2013 for him, so this was their shot to not miss out again.

To their credit, Miami signed Albert to a 5 year, $47 million dollar contract. At first glance you’d label this an A+ signing because it fills a tremendous need, but there is a risk. Albert has struggled to remain healthy missing seven games the last two seasons. In fact, only in 2011 did Albert play a full slate of sixteen games.

Grade C+. If he can remain healthy this grade improves significantly.

To continue to bolster the offensive line the Dolphins agreed to terms with Shelley Smith on a contract that will pay him $5.5 mil over 2 years provided he makes the team. Shelley is an interesting prospect for Miami and offensive line coach John Benton. Shelley is a fantastic drive blocker, and excels in the running game. Unfortunately for Miami, he is just as bad in pass protection. Miami has tried to convert him to center, and it was a struggle for Smith to master the snap. Currently, it appears he is battling for the left guard spot, but he’s got some competition in front of him in Daryn Colledge.
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