• Knowshon Moreno to Fins Knowshon Moreno to Fins RB reportedly signs a one year deal with Miami.
  • Fins sign CB Finnegan Fins sign CB Finnegan Dolphins ink him to a 2 year, $11 million contract
  • DT Randy Starks stays with Fins DT Randy Starks stays with Fins Reportedly signs a 2 year deal worth about $12 million
  • OT Albert to Fins done OT Albert to Fins done Reportedly a 5 year, $46 million contract.


The goal is clear for Miami

20131018 163422 225x300 The goal is clear for Miami

Coach Philbin and company have their work cut out for them.

The goal is clear for Miami

Exactly three weeks from today begins the NFL’s annual selection process. Over the years Miami has really struggled to excel in the annual ritual. You’ll need to go all the way back to Jimmy Johnson’s defensive selections to find the type of players that turn losing franchises into winners. Sam Madison, Patrick Surtain, Zack Thomas, and Jason Taylor were all Pro-Bowl quality players. Since then, the Dolphins have failed miserably, and consistently to uncover that kind of talent.

If Hickey, and Philbin plan on remaining in Miami this must change immediately.

You can be sure they are aware of the expectations by now. Miami fans have long grown tired of the excuses, regime changes, and more excuses. This franchise was only in it’s 5th season when it played it’s first playoff game. An expansion team grew to a playoff team in 5 years. The abysmal display of football over the last 13 years is embarrassing, (We’ll exclude 2008 as a very unique set of circumstanc Continue reading

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Pre-Draft Off-Season grade for the Miami Dolphins

mitchell Pre Draft Off Season grade for the Miami Dolphins

Is DT Earl Mitchell an up and coming player?

Liked It:
1) Re-signed CB Brent Grimes (4-years, $32-mil w/ $16-mil guaranteed).
Re-signing this Pro Bowler was priority #1 for GM Dennis Hickey. He passed his first test.

2) Signed OT Branden Albert. (5-years, $46-mil w/$25-mil guaranteed)
One could argue the Dolphins “bought” LT Branden Albert because he earned more than the Eugene Monroe, Jared Veldheer, and Anthony Collins on the market. If Albert’s back holds up, the Dolphins should have a Pro Bowl LT for at least the next two years. Hickey could not afford to strike out at at LT. And he didn’t.

3) Signed DT Earl Mitchell. (4-years, $16-mil w/ $9-mil guaranteed).
Prediction: Earl Mitchell will replace Paul Soliai in the starting lineup by the end of the 2014 season. I really like this signing. Despite playing out of place as a 3-4 NT at 6’3 – 300, the Texans allowed 3.1 YPC when he was on the field and 4.2 YPC when he wasn’t (according to Adam Beasley). He will finally get a chance to play in a 4-3 Defense, where he should hav Continue reading

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Less then a month to go…Don’t play it safe Miami

This is probably the best time of year for optimism to eek back into 31 fan bases around the league. It’s almost draft time. All the arm chair GM’s are watching youtube clips, and are certain they know who will help their favorite team the most. They’ve figured out who will be a star, a steal, and who will be over drafted on draft day. Of course, the arm chair GM does not have 31 others competing with him for the player he covets.

The greatest advantage to the arm chair GM is nobody will ever look back three years from now and critique his analysis. You’ll hear him remind everyone he knew RGIII would struggle, and Russell Wilson would be a star. But, he’ll probably not remind you that he felt Vontae Davis, and Sean Smith would be lock down corners for Miami for years to come.

Dennis Hickey does not have that luxury. He must get it right. If Miami is ever going to make the climb to the top of the AFC then excellent drafting is required. Not good drafting, not ave Continue reading

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Growing up a Dolphin Fan

Guest Columnist Stu Pace offers his thoughts as a life long Fin fan!

I was born in 1961. At the ripe old age of 7 I became a Miami Dolphins fan. In New Jersey. I became a fan because at the time, my favorite television show was Flipper. Why? I don’t know, I just always liked the actual mammal. My Dad must have had a game on one Sunday afternoon (though I am sure he was asleep-he always was startled when the channel changed by one of the three kids) and I was passing through the living room when I noticed that Flipper, yes, my Flipper was on TV. In an end zone. At a football game. Retrieving field goals and extra points. I sat down. It was 1968. I was sold.

Now, back then the merchandise for the NFL was, at best, nonexistent. You would see a kid on the block with a Giants or Jets, or maybe a Steelers shirt walking around. But a Miami Dolphin shirt? Nowhere to be seen. Thankfully, my grandparents lived in Florida (Dad was from New S Continue reading

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My thoughts on 2014 Miami Dolphins Free Agency as of March 22nd

Moments after the 2014 period began the Dolphins signed what should amount to their biggest addition of the year in Brandon Albert. He’ll hopefully man the LT position for at least 2-3 seasons, of his 5 year 47 million dollar contract. Kudu’s to Hickey, and Philbin for getting their man. – Grade A+ They overpaid, but had little choice. I won’t hold that against them simply because when you have such a glaring need it’s the agent’s job to get what he can. If Albert works out it won’t matter.

Also on the 11th Paul Soliai signed with his former defensive coordinator in Atlanta, Mike Nolan. That’s called a great marriage, but the Falcons opened their wallet is a big way. Paul signed for 5 years, and 32 million dollars. Knowing Miami was in a position to lose both Starks, and Soliai there’s little doubt negotiations heated up between Starks agent and Miami. Soliai is a big loss, but Miami evidently felt they could replace him with a guy who is more of a scheme fit. More on that in just a moment. Grade for Continue reading

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